Goodbye from Portal Seekers

Hello Everyone!

We have decided to shut down the PS Network in two weeks. We wanted to give notice so folks could move their portals to TNT, Ultima or any other amazing hub system!

Most of our hubs will be reclaimed at the two week mark! We will put up signs on our hubs later today or this weekend so folks know.

Not all of us are leaving the game, but those us that are left playing would rather just enjoy building and exploring vs some of the administrative tasks that come with running a network :heart:




Edit: The Portal Seekers network was up and running only a few days after Boundless went live. It was a lifesaver for some of us that had been going broke warping from planet to planet. It also got a group of us away from the 24 hour a day rain on Beckon.

You all made a valuable contribution to the game and your network will be missed by myself and probably many others.


Sorry to hear that. But thanks for the years of service to the community. :beers:


Just to add onto this, its been a pleasure being apart of Portal Seekers and helping out where I can (even if I have been inactive lately)

As it stands there’s a number of reasons why we decided to close down, mostly due to inactive leadership and, to be frank, the redundancy of having multiple major portal networks when the game honestly doesn’t need it.

Thanks to everyone whos stuck by us over the years


It’s sad to see the network go, but it is good to hear that some of you will continue playing and be able to enjoy the parts of the game you enjoy more.

Portal Seekers was for my wife and I, like many people, the first major hub we used - It was our first connection to the larger Boundless community. I know we will remember the excitement our first interplanetary explorations through your networks for a long time.
Even though the megahubs tend to be more efficient to use, there has always been something special about moving through each world on the hub network how PS is laid out. It gives the universe more of a sense of location and distance.



The smooth operation of PS really felt like you were a component of the base game but I know there was continual hard work and dedication put in to make it just seem that way
You are all legends and just a sincere huge thank you all being there all this time.


This is really bittersweet for me. I’ve been a member of Portal Seekers for 3-4 years now (since EA patch 80 or so). Bitter because I knew it was coming and I’m sad to see the community further die out. Sweet because I’m excited for what’s next and whatever @Tagris is cooking up. Who knows, it might even inspire me to pick the game back up.


Sorry to see PS shutdown :neutral_face:

So what networks are available on the USE side.


Noooo, not Portal Seekers!
I just came back to the game a few weeks ago and linked up to PS Lamblis. Sad to see it all go.
You guys were the best!


I’m going to miss the Portal Seekers Network, it’s been my go to network for as long as it’s been running. I might even shut one or two of my personal portals now as they will become redundant, only kept them going for easy access to the PS network. Glad to know some of you will continue to play and totally understand the reason, couldn’t of been easy keeping it going for so long.


We will miss you. More connections has always been good for the game. It’s a big shame but totally understand the reasons :heart:


Well thank you to all the peeps that where part of Portal Seekers it was the first network I hooked up to and made use of…

Will miss Portal Seekers :kissing_heart:


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Sorry to see you go but look forward to the future. I thoroughly enjoyed using the PS network and to be honest without it it would have made my initial start much harder. I found the network prior to any others and it helped me but somethings from shops and realize how big the game was and explore what I never realized the game had.

If you need any help or anything at all please reach out.


So before any assumptions kurious is (PS) as a guild going away too?
If So Reapers Looking For Builders Mwahahaha


Yes, unfortunately.


Sorry to hear, the PS Network was my first. <3 Chill memories of running around the various planets.

Many thanks to your team.


RIP PS, EA Grate hunts were best thing!
Seeing first portal on Biitula on release headstart was crazy :smiley:


Smart ones knows When To stop.

Thx For the services.


Well ■■■■.