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I started this google spreadsheet to catalog some of the materials that will be in the Boundless game. There may be dozens of different examples of Metamorphic stone and Twisted tree trunks, of varying hues and shades to choose from. I’m sure we’d all like a handy guide to where those variations may be found. With a whole new set of planets coming in 1.0, all these details are yet to be discovered. I’ll fill in the spreadsheet as I make discoveries in the game, but I think we could share the work if any are interested in contributing to the knowledge base. Of course I realize there may be more than one Wiki site out here for the game, but sometimes it’s just easier to look stuff up in a spreadsheet if you have one.

Token Star (aka Torgun)


thanks man apreciated it :smile:
this is my atempt in gathering intel

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Nice idea!
I’m also into spreadsheets when it comes to Boundless:


keep em coming :smile:

I have this insane idea of getting one type of block of every type of hue and making an in-game museum. I haven’t set a time limit on doing this…


Yeah, I can see that taking a while :joy:


did ya see the current museum? its bit outdated but still epic :smile:
the owner is gone but @Swede been maintaining it and the portal on moebius plaza can give ya some ideas :smile:


I wandered around in the museum one day when out exploring worlds. Just happened to run into it and had fun looking.

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I didn’t see it - I’ll go have a look later today :slight_smile: