Graphical issues with Dome on Gyosha (glass blocks)

Seems from a distance issues occur with large amounts of glass blocks.

Is this supposed to happen?

you mean the lines??

probably just how the game scales back in details to be able to render at a certain fps (or at all).

On PS4 it probably looks much worse, even closer up…

Am I seeing chunks you think?

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Coming over to see how it looks on PS4…

Whoops, just a sec

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Well, it actually kinda looks the same for me on PS4…

But yeah it’s just the less detail far away thing. You could play around with that setting on PC to up the draw distance…

Haven’t seen that in my “small” clock but that can be a result of the other materials used. They seem to dominate the “blurry effects”.

Already have settings completely maxed out. Had couple people come and check and they also are seeing it as well. It’s rather disappointing to see :cry:

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Well yeah, it can be, if you see the staggering difference on PS4 and PC you will know that you don’t even have it that bad, lol

But… I was talking about a certain setting in some file, the game allows you to max set it to 4 or something but you can go way, way higher than that. Can slow the game down in the fps department and is the reason why you can’t select it in the game itself, but you can edit that file…

Ah, found it!

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What are the coordinates of the location?

this location will have you standing on top of the spaceship. It is most visible in the daytime. Though can be seen at night.

it can also be seen from multiple locations around our dome.

Screenshots below with debug coordinates