Graphics option use

i wanna know what all stuff in the graphics options do cas some is just names for me i wanna know what i should tun of plz post some screenshots wiht them on and off or tell me wiht text would really help

This thread might have some more info. However, I do not know if anyone has documented the graphic settings.

i already readed that but thanks eny way

All of those settings can be investigated via Google since they’re pretty common terms in the world of graphics rendering. In general, regardless of the setting, it goes like this:

low setting: looks not as good, runs faster
high setting: looks very good, runs slower.

The greater the draw distance, the more data has to be used (more memory required) and the longer it takes a frame to render. The more detail, the longer it takes to draw. God rays are what make the sunrises and sunsets look so good. They’re frosting, not cake, so you can turn them off without affecting game play.

Beyond that–I leave it as an exercise for the reader.