Grappling Hooks

I think it would be nice if the grappling Hooks would work like in the Anime “Attack on Titan”.


They kinda do, if you know how to use them.

Exept you have them in your hand (i assume) and you only use 1 and not 2. oh, and you cant do backflips with them

@james i officially request allowing you to do air stunts (frontflips, back flips. etc…) when using grappling hooks (in between the hooks), wouldnt that be freaking cool? xD

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Interacting with the world whilst on a grapple needs more work, especially for pulling yourself up onto ledges. Not sure about flips - but we’ll see what makes sense when we next work on it.


Nice. thank you.

yeah that would be awesome.

a bigger problem would be when doing it in first person though, it would make alot of people motion sick and its reaaally hard to figure out what is going on when your screen is rolling.


Can we turn off damage for the time being? Nothing is more depressing than to be grappling along the road by yourself and dying, alone and cold… I think the health is needed when it means more to the game.

Glad you mentioned that. I was going to mention that as well.

Have answered this question quite an amount of times, so i will give a short answer why it is good.

You talk about how you keep dying using grappling hook. and how you are grappling along the road.

  1. Grappling along the road is a very effective way of travelling, but its not really the meaning of the grappling hook, which is why it punishes you greatly if you mess up.

  2. if you dont like dying, then be a tad more careful when using grappling almost never take damage when you get used to it

  3. The force in which you hit a block is the same as if you were to fall and hit the block with that force, meaning that if you remove damage from killing yourself with grappling hook they also remove all fall damage

  4. Having the system in already now makes you think more, you cant just faceroll around because you will die, and also when they have the health in now they can tweak it as they add more stuff. grappling hook is very overpowered compared to what it will be

so in short, just dont do that road jump, it will hurt you so much if you mess up (trust me, i know) xD

I understand your point. However at this point in the game when there really isn’t much to do why bother with the health system?

To add to the above, when survival game play enters the game it is imperative that there will be a challenge dealing with MOBs. The fact that the grappling does damage you is actually a very good aspect in relation to using it to escape survival situations…

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The separation between “when” and “now” is the difference that needs to be noted to further discuss my point. When it becomes relevant for a health system use it when it is not don’t use it.

well. if it wasnt in use. then you wouldnt be dying, you see the point? :wink:

its to stop you from constantly doing what you apparently are doing. again, just stop going full force and thinking you are invincible. also a good tip is to constantly place home locations, so if you die you spawn pretty close.

The Point? There is no point in dying currently in the game…Also you can lose health over time when you are trying to work on larger projects and you need to traverse up and down.

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with early access games is dealing with players who are frustrated over the “easy buttons” that they loose in the process of development. So “when” is far more important than “now” in my opinion.

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if you are working on larger projects, make a healing block and place it somewhere you can get to it, that solves that problem :slight_smile:

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“Frustrated” “Easy Button”. None of anything you say is relevant in this matter.

Wait until the infinite block feature is removed and then say that to me and I will listen.


it is quite relevant. your argument is ‘‘i only have 1 way to die, which is easy to avoid, but i dont want to be able to die that way, and i refuse to change the way i play. so please remove the HP bar, because i find it useless’’

Please. we answered your question. its fine if you dont like it, but its better to get used to it now rather than later :slight_smile:

atleast we still have infinite blocks to play around with :smiley:

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