Growing Deals- Golden Fist @ Organized Mall


Hello fellow Oortians!

We’ll be having a few special deals at our Fistibucks at the Organized Mall on Biitula, and will be ramping up the deals as we go along!

Today’s deal is on Wayfarer’s Totems! We’ve got a special offer offering them at only 500c! Come fill up while supplies last on them! (There will be more deals to come!)

If you need to get to the Organized Mall, there’s a number of connections to it as listed, with pictures, in the link below! Also, if there’s anything you really want us to stock here, let us know and we’ll get some more stock!


Nice job clearing those good deals all out everyone!

Get ready for some more deals to come soon!

Also! New Stock is in! All Buff Bombs, World Regen, and Healing bombs!

More importantly… We’ve got Tillers, tinters, solidifiers, and water breakers too!

And you can get your loot/armor fists too!