Organized Mall - June Contest - Freebies Items & On Sale Contest! Open Shop for Chance to win! (Ends in 6/30)


New mall in Biitula called "Organized Mall"

Our Goal:
If you hate spending a long time looking for what you need spread across 50 planets, this is the mall for you.

This is a mall with a new twist, our goal is to help buyers find what they need faster, instead of wandering around aimlessly to look for things you need.


We are looking for more seller to open shop at our mall and have decided to run a contest:

Official Start: NOW!
Official End: 6/30


  1. A Completed Shop
  2. Have 1-3 Shop stands with Frequent (Daily) Changing & Rotating
    a. Heavily Discounted Items - 50% off Market Value
    b. Free Items
    c. Have a sign labeling the detail of the free or discounted item.
    d. Post on Forum Your Deals (Optional, to drive more traffic to your store)
  3. Restock once a day

Prize paid in Coins:
If conditions are met, You will Win a Guaranteed 50,000 Coins

If you are up for the challenge and believe in the goal of the mall, you are welcomed to open a store to enter the contest. All existing shops are automatically entered into the contest.

Come check us out!

Join our Discord so we can help you get set up and to contact you if you are the winner.
Discord: K9hJQmW

A Seller’s Testmonial:
“So far I feel like the mall is doing well. I know that I have opened shops other places and this one has been more profitable for me over other places.”

Mall is organized in 4 Main Categories:

Hubs to find our Mall:

  1. Biitula PS Hub

  1. Legendville Hub

  1. Aqua Embassy Hub

  1. DK’s Legendville Mall

  1. TNT Mega Hub

  1. DK’s Ultima Tree Hub

  1. Duskmoor Center Hub

  1. Icon - The Hunt Hive Hub

  1. The All Block Shop Hub

  1. Regen Consortium

  1. Code Gleam

Mall space is first come first serve, If you wish to open a shop, best to Contact Me on Discord: K9hJQmW
or Use Mailbox at the mall.


250k coin reward is very generous indead. Let’s see who is gonna win.


I have a shop in this mall and I can contest that it has been quite profitable already, and convenient since it has so many hubs connected to it.


Glad our seller is able to find great success at the mall, hopefully this contest will draw more great sellers.


Hey Spartan, thanks man. I really do love the design of this place. Especially All Brews. Its not always easy to get gleam lighting to feel cozy! :smile:


SALE on Mega Instant Heal brews at the All Brews shop.
Only 50c!

And thanks MrNiX :smiley:


I was tempted but I only took 400.

I might swing by again in a couple hours, though :grin:


Thanks for buying! It’s selling like crazy, only 470 left. Sale lasts until it’s all gone :slight_smile:


May Contest Winners

Gleamporium - 250K Coin Winner - 1st Place

Tripple Trouble - 100K Coin winner - 2nd Place

Golden Fist - 50K Coin Winner - 3rd Place

Please contact me on Discord or if we see eachother in game to collect your winnings!


Hello guys, this is the owner of triple trouble world drops shop in organized mall. Currently we have a random amount of oort available in our shop for free. It is first come, first serve and it will continually be restocking everyday. While you are at it, check out our Triple trouble Exo shop in Quebec mall that can be accessed through our store in organized mall by a portal. Our prices are unmatched and it is affordable. Thank you for supporting us and good luck.

-Triple Trouble



I’m honored to even be amongst the top three! I never got around to updating the design, and the first and second place winners did such a good job!


Coral Rockstack has open an outlet in Organized Mall.
My shop is in the Crafted Goods Section.

There are many empty lots in this mall, please do join us and set your shop :slight_smile:


Awesome, nice shop!


Hello guys,
Triple Trouble World Drops shop has just been extended! Now we are able to sell beans, coal, and lamella at affordable prices for everyone. Just in case you didn’t know, we are still giving away free rough oort and gold ore in our store, and we restock it daily. We also reduced the prices of our shards from 10c to 2c, so make sure to grab some shards when you visit. While you are at it, please visit our Exo shop and Forge shop that is accessible through the portals in our world drops shop. Our Forge shop has some deals that are going on right now, and our Exo shop is stocked with materials from the previous exo-planet. Thank you for supporting us and good luck.

-Triple Trouble