GTG Network Update and Market Release!

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Our 1 year anniversary of the Global network is this month, can you believe it? I can’t! Seems like just yesterday we were venturing into this crazy task, of running our own network fueled exclusively by the guild. Taking the pressure away from others to run these giant portals, and allow them to focus on playing the game, and enjoying themselves!

I would have never imagined it would continue to grow, and more recently, grow to the point of needing to expand even further!

With that, let me showcase some of what we have been working on!

Partnering with Turrican, to bring a complete network together, incuding all public high tier world!

Plenty of player portals to go around, with even more spacing coming soon!

One thing I’m VERY excited to talk about, is the new market area!
There is PLENTY of shop spots available! Most are 3x3, with a few spots that are larger!

With this being a Sov planet (now fueled for a year!) there will never be any “dead/empty” shops to sift through when browsing around. We aim to keep a neat and clean shopping/selling experience for all to enjoy!

Thank you to all who have helped along the way! GTG would not have become what is has today, without all of the loving and supporting members, and friends along the way!

GTG to me, is more than just a guild. It’s a FAMILY!

Ok, enough sappy… love you all! See you around! Love you all!

Ooombo E EEEMMAAA :wink:


Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! :slight_smile: I’ve been using this network a lot for the past couple of days since I got back into the game and love it so much. The portal setup is very well-organized and uncluttered, so it’s easy to find all of the places that I want to visit.


Thank you very much!
Happy to hear that, and glad to have you back on the game! <3


Grats on the anniversary!


HOD Death Squad will always be lurkin’ looking for hunts :stuck_out_tongue: New hub is awesome… I shall come plop a store down soon once I figure out what my niche is :smiley:


We love you the mostest nickk


OMG that is brilliant :smiley:
Having control over sov you can just kick those that no longer keep the shop, that’s very nice, bye bye greefing.

And congrats on keeping a network for 1 year! That’s a big endeavor to take.


Gratz. Its always great People keep these hubs up. Although i dont use the hub much as i dont personally like how fancy it is. Layout is ok i guess what i have checked, but ye… Good To have you around… Many People surely appreciate.


@NickkThatsGood Ty for the Kind words
Finally i am a member since a Bit more than a year of GTG now and very glad about it .
That WE Put all together AS a complete Network was more than a good idea and will hopefully Help Others.
There Re also available Portals on the high Tier Planet Hubs for your Sovereign worlds or Farming Locations
Signs can be Made Like you See in the Pictures AS example.

Hope all of you will enjoy what Nick has done for US all.

Greetings Turrican2006
PS. I ll be available thursday evening CET again If you should Need Help with Portal s on High Tier Planets, very busy because of Work.


Yep, that’s the plan!
Obviously, I’d give plenty of notice, and await replies, etc. Hence the reason, of mandatory mail boxes in shops, so shop owner can be contacted easily :slight_smile:


Yeah yeah we know… you like dirt huts and silk yellow gleam roads :wink:

Thank you for the kind words Buugi <3


I will see how I go for forging stuff, if I can end up with a consistent process will hit you up for a spot

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what home planet are you linked too?
is it same T4 EU as TNT hub?

Oh god no.

Yeah, it’s 1 blinc from Circ!

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nice that means I could 1x2 portal from my planet. will contact you after I have a stable forge.

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I love this hub. The fact that I get to have a shop right there, that is awesome. The fact that the planet is fuelled for a whole year, that is amazing and gives some security for building on a sov. <3

Thanks for all you do, @NickkThatsGood, and @DeViLiShBeCkS too! I know you two put alot of hours in and the efforts have truly paid off. Thanks to all involved.

Happy Anniversary too!

<3 my Guild Family



Visited the new hub and mall area. While I am not a huge fan of having yet another mall as I think we really need a centralized mall, it looks great.

I am glad it is fueled for a year too hopefully that give some people some comfort. I still don’t like the ability for someone to just kick someone else simply because they don’t like them, nonetheless I hope it works out.

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I don’t know what you mean. Does it not give you some kind of adrenaline kick to build at such a mall? It’s not like the planet owner sits there, being like uuaaaah I have that tickle in my finger! Must… refuse… kicking!!!


Of course he would be if i had a mall. Play along the rules and I’ve got no issues. You know, I like to play in the here and now. Show good will and it’s fine