Guardian Angel Statue


So I’ve started building a statue next to Laputa while I wait for my chars to lvl up for more expansion. I’ll be posting pictures and updates here!


Here are some initial build screenshots for its feet haha.


Here a small update.

The sword is all compact iron. Lots and lots of iron lol


Looking good! Cant wait to see next update!

Edit: I thought that was a loin cloth not a sword :sweat_smile: still looks good either way.


I ran out of iron half way through lol. Just got some more


Wow, that’s impressive


The sword is complete (minus some chiseling)

Couldn’t have done this in iron without the help of @Shiftsotu the crew that runs Tom Foolery market!


Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old


Freaking EPIC! Wowzers this is getting me all hot and bothered lol.


@TheGamerfuls glad to see the iron going to good use. Can’t wait to see the finished build.


just a suggestion from one PS4 user to another, you can download the PS message app onto your phone, then send a screenshot to a friend on your PS4, then you can view the message from the PS message app, save a screenshot, then upload it from your phone. That’s what I do. :wink:


Good to know haha. Hows storm garden coming along


Anymore progress on this?


I know, I’ve been curious too!


I’ll post an image soon!

Between Laputa and this (and other… things…) building has been slow haha


Haha ive been low key waitin for a pic to pop up here to…



Expect a few photos (and maybe a small video?) Soon! Watching a movie with the wife first haha


Idk why but I thought you said your “first wife” and I was like wow, how many more you got :rofl:


Lol nope just the one.