Guardian Angel Statue


So I’m up to the waist now (finally) which means the layers will go more quickly as I dont have to jump between the legs haha.

I’ve also started the back part. The Cape is coming along and I’ll get there pretty soon. The picture is kinda dark since the sun is on the other side.


Noice. That’s gonna be quite a bit of prestige I imagine once your done!


awesome build. keep the pics coming


It’s at around… 70k right now? Something like that


Hotdamn. You should just make it out of pure gleam! /s



Looking quite epic!


You’re right, a bowtie would be much better!


Heres how the statue is coming along!


But I like the Cape :wink:


Dope. Looking epic af.


Lookin amazing! Love watching things like this come to life on the forums and in game.


Heres another small update!

Heres one from the front. The “hands” are done, the gold lapels are on, and you can see the wings taking shape :slight_smile:

Heres one from the back showing off the wings so far!


This is looking great, can’t wait till its complete!


You and me both lol. Took all the gold I had to make those lapels hahaha. Gonna need a ton more for the helmet too


finally a use for cool blue gleam i agree with!
hoping to see more.


Yeah haha. Gonna need another 2 smart stacks at this rate haha


Looks amazing


Wow, it looks great! how many plots did it take you?


Currently sitting at around 100


Nice … I’m working on something similar, currently only in MagicaVoxel since the original one will be about 66 blocks high …