Guardian Angel Statue


Looking good so far! Can’t wait to see it! Mines going to be 95 tall I think?


So how much would one of these cost :stuck_out_tongue: lol


In terms of cost, I’m not sure. It’s taking me weeks to get all the materials(playing every other day or so). The iron in the sword is all compact, so that’s thousands of iron,(which I mainly bought from shiftsotu) and then it’s close to 500 gold for all the refined gold alloy along with the copper cost too. The gleam wings have already gone through closer to 500 now too. I’ve used thousands of ashen blue sedimentary stone and dark cobalt metamorphic rock. That’s not even counting the refined stone I lined the inside with fire a little prestige boost


95 blocks tall ? Man you’ll need a gazillion plots for that. I once did the calculation on the amount of plots I would need if the statue was 66 x 66 x 66 blocks … that would take me 750+ plots.

Luckily it’s only 66 blocks high and not 66 blocks wide / deep.


Haha I’m nearly done. It’s only 3 plots wide and roughly 12 plots high. Then the wings go out an extra few too.


Cost as in, if I supplied the resources and I wanted something commissioned.


What did you have in mind haha? This statue is already about 10 - 12 hrs in building time lol (although that’s probably because of all the distractions at home)


I’m working on a pair of jaguars myself but have yet to start chiselling and keep running out of resources. I think sculpture commissions should happen more often, I need sculptors…


Where’s shiftsotu’s shop? I need some iron for a build of my own


when i read the title i thought it was sugestion and gonna do something special hahahah looking good btw awesome stuff


Around the same lines, but a Valkyrie maybe two.


You can ask them on their discord. They did for me for a special order type deal. @Shiftsotu can tell you more


I can do that if you want. There are lots of different types of valkyries. How big are you thinking?


What’s the minimum height/width to maintain detail? Reason being, is I want it to act as a statue in my 1000+ plot fort, but not over take the fort itself.


That’s depends on the machine running the game. On ps4 the render range is kind of limited. On PC it’s much better. My statue renders just fine from around 50 - 100 blocks away I would say


Well I am on a P.C and as a visual, I would prefer it to be pleasing to PS4’s as much as possible, due to the fact larger amounts of players play on a PS4.

However, no way to smooth it out and make it look good up close?



Hey Eidolus, we would love the opportunity to help provide building materials for your build. Here’s a 1 day invitation to our discord.

Look forward to hearing from you!


You can visit my statue to give you an idea of scale if you like. I’ve never actually counted how far away I can see it from. Might have to do that today. You can get there by bitula PS hub, go to coal fuel and metal shop then to Laputa the castle in the sky. Or through PS hub bitula, tom foolery shifty mart, then at the back, Laputa the Castle in the Sky.


Well! The body is done! Need 5 more refined gold alloy blocks though… the wings are coming along but they’re far from done. I’ll upload pictures soon!