Guardian Angel Statue





Nice job dude


I, simply, love this.

Where, exactly, is this?


On Maryx by Laputa the castle in the sky! If you are at the portal seeker hub on Bitula, you look due East. Enter the portal “Coal, Fuel, & Metal Shop” or Tom Foolery Shifty Mart. Then go through the portal for Laputa the castle in the sky. Look East again and you’ll see it :slight_smile:


golden sword? :grin:
cant wait to snoop around to find entrance :grin:
looking amazing


I working on the left wing right now if anyone wants to stop by and say hi haha


wait a minute @TheGamerfuls, is it hollow inside? That statue would make a pretty dope base


I mean… technically yes? Theres nothing inside though lol


this thing had a hub inside it and loads off room inside the man you be suprised how much room you got in there

@HotelTime you still around and what ya making :smiley:


That would an intense remodel of the interior hahaha. That was an amazing build though!


while im showing statues @Simoyd made this one it was pure copper awesome builder image
and the size was nuts
hm now im wondering what was inside that?


that reminds me, I need to make a new one of these.


thats why i showed it hahaha


Id like to pay someone for a medium to large dragon or wolf statue at my base… jist incase anyones after buildin somethin lile that for coin or resources.


check if @Swede got time if he not busy hes the aquatopian feng shui statue builder


I mainly build off of schematics or magicavoxel. I built Laputa off a model I made, but this statue is a schematic I had


doesnt mather you made it and it looks awesome i haven’t seen someone doing better :smile:
its same like a real statue builder use models as well


Oh I wasn’t devaluing myself hahaha. That took forever. One wing is almost done and I need to lvl more to get… 10ish more plots for the other wing


can imagine dont know how i would even start
do you use scafolds our you more a grapple man
ow and how many falls :smile:


Both sometimes. For the art comp I used big scaffolds. (Just ask @Simoyd lol. He saw them). For these builds it’s been mainly grapple. I cant tell you how many times I fell off of Laputa and had to learn my lesson to do that on this statue