Guardian Angel Statue


just before the EA wipe i started worlds highest fountain so i put my last watersource blocks on top off world
and put every friend i had on massive plotted tower to go nuts after one day i gave up the grapple and used scafolds with portals linking to bottom off this thing lol what we need for this is jetpacks


Well hello, long time no talk! I hope you’ve been doing well :+1:
I haven’t been around since the full release went live, I’m kinda slacking on getting back into the game. Some day soon I’ll be back though! And I’ll have some things ready to be built when I’m back, I have quite a bit of ideas!


@TheGamerfuls Just out of curiosity … how did you handle the coloring? Did you first build it using generic blocks and then replaced the blocks with ones in their correct color ?

I’m asking because I’ve finished my model and now need to figure out which blocks should have what color. Seeing i’m not a graphic artist (not even close) this proves to be tough :slight_smile:

I’ve now got the model done which looks like this :

Monocrome version :

But as mentioned … now I need to color it and was hesitating on how to do it.


If it was me I would start with the obvious things like the sword and armour etc, whichever metal you’ve decided on, then perhaps the cape and then from there try to break it down into the different parts of the clothing, finally you could then add any embellishments to add detail.

Edit: Sorry, just realised that’s a shield on the back not a cape.


Basically what grey art said. :slight_smile: sword in its metal, shield design, I would decide colors for helmet too then joints. After joints decide on the outline of those areas. Then a more generic color for the rest. My statue is primarily white sed stone (ashen blue) and the red is warm cherry sed stone.


Well … it’s supposed to be a Knight Templar, so I guess the helm and armour will be mostly grey, shield probably white with red (if I can figure out how to draw the Templar Cross on it). Maybe some more white and red here and there …

So I’m probably better off trying out the colouring in MagicaVoxel and see if I can get it done in game after that.


Can’t wait to see it! What kind of helmet pattern are you going to use? And are you going to outline the shield in red too?


As far as I am aware, Knight Templars had a white shield (no border) with a red cross on it. There are different types of Templar Crosses but I think I will keep it simple. Not quite sure on patterns since I actually suck at drawing and stuff, but I’ll see what I can do.


Where are you planning on building it?


I created a settlement on Eresho called Templar’s Rest / Templar’s Refuge which is starting to shape up like a little medieval town / city with a big wall around it. Might put the statue on a hill in the settlement, maybe even on a mountain in the water in front of the settlement.


I’ll stop by and take a look around!


Question on Magica… does it let you preview block counts? I’m trying to finalize a resource list for a build I put together in a different voxel editor.


I dont think so… I may be wrong though


If anyone wants to add more sculptures to the capital of delta we currently have 3 complete and I’m working on another 2. Also If anyone does know someone who is good with a chisel please point them in my direction as I’m struggling with heads :frowning:


For anyone interested, I have moved and the guardian statues time is at an end. (Probably going to rebuild him in new area) but this one will be at the mercy of regen in…13hrs. If anyone wants the multiple smart stacks of refine stone and gleam it’s yours for the taking :wink:


Why the move?


Wow that’s insane that your leaving it for regen


All my neighbors left so I’m moving to little
Japan haha. Its built off a schematic so I can rebuild whenever I want :slight_smile:


If I would have seen this sooner. I would have plotted and left it built and put portals going to it. :slightly_frowning_face:


I can always re build it :slight_smile: