GUI: Map and Locations

More GUI wireframes. Here’s our plan for the Map and Locations. I won’t give too much explanation here, hopefully they’re simple enough to parse (as always, I’m using made up dummy data and names in these).


Your last picture was not uploaded correctly.

This looks like a …side view? Now I’m really curious about how you intend to project the generated world onto something like this. Oh, or does it rotate with you, and the wirefarme is deceiving me?

Oho! Can/are some of these waypoints/regions designated when building the world? I’d love to have a bunch of hidden waypoints for players to stumble across (and to collect). Also, prefectures (districts?) Iiinteresting


I wouldlargely prefere if the warp was something you need to set up outside of gui and then choose your location from there just choosing a butto in the map gui seems a bit immersion breakign to me.


That’s a tough one

One approach might be to let you “bind” an item to a waypoint, and then you drop that item in the world & it warps you. The thing is, though, you still have to rifle through a UI to get to the waypoint (just, your inventory in this case).

Quick travel seems worthy of breaking a bit of immersion for its convenience

I was more about setting up a small portal or something first though, making a warp soemthing you actaully build or set up at least by using an item or something, instead of just pressing a button.


Ah! that I could get behind, I think. The blocks you set up would need to disappear after you warp (otherwise the world would be littered w/ em).

The downside of that is that players could potentially get stranded far away from civilization; which, while realistic, can be very discouraging. I mean, they could if they run out of money w/ @ben’s wireframe, too - but that seems much less likely than not having the right blocks at hand

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The warp blocks should of course be reasonably easy to gather as long as you still have the necesary economy at hand. I just feel it is important that it does not feel like gui magic but more like you actually making the warp setup.


Awesome concepts keep up the good work guys.

I always thought that the warps would be similar in concept to the ones powered by Oort stone (just not powerful enough to jump from one world to another). You set them up, physically, and create a permanent connection between 2 points. I guess I was way off base with that one!

By the looks of it, it will be an additional money-sink… although, who the coin gets paid to, I don’t know!

I’d prefer to have them be physically based in the world as well… you could always put a Central Guild tax on their use :wink:


A popping up “pocket portal” sounds like a really really cool idea:

One way to make it extra awesome would be to make it a “hardwired” crafted item [1 Stone Chunk + Location token] = One one-use warp that takes you to the location of the used location-token. So versed explorers could sell warps to exotic locations they´ve found.
Said location token could be crafted in the UI [right click on the location -> create token -> pay 100 coin].


Warps have been used to talk about temporary portals for quite a while now at least[quote=“Vastar, post:11, topic:4083”]
A popping up “pocket portal” sounds like a really really cool idea:
That looks amazing :smiley:

Yes, that’s an iso view of a lower-lod of the part of the world you’re in. Intention is to provide additional zoom levels on the world by exposing higher lod levels. Intention is that unlocking Map is a crafting process per world.

Warping isn’t the same thing as creating a Portal (not covered here). Intention with Warping is to provide a secondary function to Portals. It’ll have to expose a GUI at some point, but there will be likely be multiple ways of exposing that GUI. For example: Consume a Warp Mass > Locations GUI presented > Choose destination > Warp. Or: Open Locations > Choose destination > Warp.

This is one of those tricky UX vs immersion things. We want to expose interesting options with Warping (Warp to Saved Location, Warp to Player, Warp Home, Warp to Random (This World), Warp to Random (Any World) and so on. So it likely needs GUI, but how you get there is debatable. Good points shared here, thanks!


Omg 3D map that will be awesome

Quick question (with most likely not such an easy answer)

Could the 3D-map system be used in the game world?
For example to make some kind of 3D-map room. Where you have a table/machine and on top of that a hologram(-ish) projection of the world around a certain point.


That’s our plan for how the Beacons will look.


That’s the coolest beacon solution imaginable!


What if you need a location token from the place you want to go to, and you place those in a sort of portable “warp console” thing that creates a temporary portal and consumes something (like oort shards, warp crystals, etc).

This way you get an easy to use GUI, while not breaking immersion. Honestly for me, if there is just ‘pay to insta-warp’ that would be incredibly disappointing.


Sounds amazing!

That’s certainly one way of doing it – but it’s pretty convoluted. Need to strike a balance between in-game thematics and a good user experience.