So ive dabbling a little lately. And it seems the grief of the loss of my build have finally settled and cooled somewhat allowing me to enjoy playing boundless again.

Its a new world and been shamshackled together a workshop and slowly starting to clear my old space. Ive lost almost as much knowledge as blocks but having fun.

A couple of questions though.

Are exo worlds and tier 7 worlds worth it?
Thinking gems, plants and monsters? Need to farm em all to build up the tool stock.

Would clearing a big space be best with rank 280-330 hammers or is it possible with a bomb setup? 3-6k plots terrain flattened.

Where do i farm spicy beans? Like a couple thousands.

And have i fudged up my centraforge skillpage or my machine setup if I only get 165 effectiveness on emerald axes?

What are your websites for planet checking etc?

Any centraforge recipe you would like to share?
And by that all i need are which pastes, compounds and stuff you take with you into the crafting session for the tool and ofc what you aim to make.

Very much appreciated.


Your blocks may be in a beacon reclaim, depending on when your beacon expired.

T7 worlds are great for resin & petrolim (for farming). They have lucent ores for crafting with. Hunt groups have been announcing their times via the official discord Boundless [Official]

Items & Prices

Forge Simulator

World & Resources Info:



welcome back @Tomir :sunglasses:

so, when was the last time you played? and where are you building your base now?

I would go for hammers, if I wanted material and resources from the cleared areas. If not interested in it, bombs might be the way (although I do prefer hammers in general, as they are more messy and give better control of what shape you clear).


Clearing a area with bombs is always better but you don’t get experience or Resources doing that so clearing it with hammers is better for experience & resources depending on were your building :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :cookie:


I meant they are less messy, bombs are more messy…
miss the edit option so much :slightly_frowning_face:


Here’s another one that I’ve used over the years that’s forging. Tells you which gums you need for which effect and how many points it take to get each level of an effect.


I had somewhere between 50-80million prestige all put together.
Capital on Antar VI and Flan.
Portal network and farms for orbs, mud, gleem and all gems. Lost it all shortly after the farming update.

Gonna rebuild a district some portals and megafactory on Antar Vi, than build the Tardis from Doctor Who.

Thats the plan atleast. :sweat_smile:


Thanks all for the websites and stuff. Allready very helpfull :grin:


omg - that means no reclaim for you? :open_mouth:
reclaim was introduced in 2020 while farming was 2019 iirc :thinking:

that hurts a lot

I remember seeing them around, be it @BabyCookie’ Kingdom or… I think @Trickyy90 was building those as well?

good old times…

don’t be shy to ask for help, be it tools or materials or directions or maybe opening first portals?; I will defo pop in and visit (just give me more specific info on where to find you)


Black and Blue Farms - go to the sand portal - it goes a very long way. Easy to gather a lot very quickly. You can find portals to them at the Dragon World Hub


Thanks! Managed to getmyself 700 in two hours. Good place indeed! :grin:


Ill hook myself up to a portalnetwork once my base is more up to par.

My lab is a ramshackled nightmare as i relearn stuff. Will rebuild once ive gotten my tool stock finished.


do you dig or chop to get spicy beans?

I use them so rarely, I just buy them :wink:

considering the fact that there was a underground worm creature in development…


I would love to have seen that happen…just harvesting a little sand here…Do you hear something…AAHHHH…gulp…BUUURRPP!


Have you eaten the worm? :thinking: :wink:

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