Guide to Boundless Level Glyph Symbols

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The symbol over my health bar and over the heads of other players confused me a bunch as a new player.

The only reference I managed to Google up was a Sep ‘18 post explaining it was your and other players’ levels, but no further elaboration on what exactly each symbol meant.

So I sat and observed my own levels (main and alts) like a hawk over the course of leveling up. Hopefully, this helps clarify some of the confusion for others:

There are also apparently special player glyphs at levels 100 & 150, but one is not quite there yet. I assume it looks more like the Boundless fist symbol.

Vets, please feel free to add images of the high level stuff. :sunglasses:


My level is well beyond but it’s just the Boundless Symbol now

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the meaning is clearly seen, the conversion of the blocks into the boundless symbol, as you gain experience you are converting the blocks into the symbol, they are not different symbols, but only one is transformed from blocks to symbol

from level 50, the symbol is always the same, I have 630 levels waiting for the symbol to change xd

I was confused too, thanks! I finally figured out at around level 49 that it was related to my level and not whether or not you have gleam club XD

Gotcha. So I guess this note from Jun '19 patch notes isn’t quite accurate?

“Added special level player glyphs at level 100 and 150. There are now unique level glyphs for level 1 to 50+, 100+ and 150+.”

There are two variations of the Boundless Symbol I’ve seen running around, one with the normal square background, and one sort of a jagged star-like diamond - not sure if the latter is the 150+ or Gleam Club or something else. Either way, they’re probably long time players!

The Sqaure Is no Gleam club jagged star is Is Gleamclub

One of my characters has this


Also iirc not only does the jagged start show gleam club but the color does as well. There’s 3 colors and they show different time lengths. Yellow green and another color I forget which. If you look at the GC page it’ll show the colors and what time lengths they are for.