Guild bug

James when will the guild bug fixed?( Player join guild, log out later , log in next day and then the no longer part of the guild)

I know there is a tread but no devs answer.


There is a friend bug too. I add my wife as a friend and when I play next time, she is not in my friend list anymore :slight_smile:
I added her 4 times already.



I guess it will be fixed after:

There are actually some devs around to fix it
They sort out the update promised
They sort out exos
Add about another 20-30 unfixed bugs, then your next :rofl:

Bet ya this one gets closed down as a duplicate too

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The ohter tread 16 days old and no answer from devs

Only 16 days??

Been months since exos worked properly, what you complaining about :rofl::rofl:



maybe the must only restart the servers then be fixed, answers will be good.

When i remember 2018/2019 devs Was answer after 5 minutes

really friends also?

I hope more people chime in that have the same issue for the guild bug

I’m just tagging Devs I’ve seen on within the past 24 hours. Hopefully someone responds in one of the threads

@Leahlemoncakes @james @SamF @blake @vdragon


Thank you , maybe in next 16 day we become answers :laughing:

Wouldn’t bother tagging in leah, she doesn’t work on boundless any more. Not sure if a few of the others do either

I ended up just deleting and recreating the characters that were affected by this, I avoided joining my guild until i did the tutorial all the way up till i got the Better Together quest, then i joined my guild and i stopped getting kicked out of my guild.

I’m sure I did say I was just tagging those who I’ve seen on for the past 24 hours. If they are looking at the forums they can at least give em a nudge.

Yeeeeeaaaaa that alt is holding plots for a build so that one is a no go lol

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Im lucky i rolled these alts for that purpose and had yet to start using them on the new plots i wanted to setup cause i was busy doing other things this week to barely notice the issue.

I just happen to be looking over the guild books because we were going to be running a new set of buffs and i wanted to be sure everyone was changed over in time for it. otherwise i would have totally missed my alts were out of the guild.

Edit: spoke too soon my alt was kicked out again…

Hopefully the Guild issue is now resolved.

Please report if you still see issues.


Thanks, we will look later

Well my characters are still I the guild, but they do not have the buffs and they were in it before we reset this morning.

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We have seen this bug again twice in the last 24 hrs. Have to re-add dropped user, re-align any assets back to guild of users if need be. Lose buffs and beacon prestige of dropped member.

EDIT: I was live but idle when it happened to one of my alts. Not logged off. Did not send me to sanctum or make me relog.

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A new guild member has been removed every day and it seems that anyone that joins our guild eventually enters a limbo state (has not affected any character already in the guild)

the game (or something) tries to remove them from the guild but in there guilds tab it shows that they are still in the guild.

But one of our leaders has already reported it.

Oh. It’s STILL active.

I can’t enjoy that petrolim exo now ;-;

guild bug still active…

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