Guild bug

i experience this as well with my alts in my guild, level and such doesn’t matter some are under lvl 5 and some 20 and yet they have been removed somehow

it shows up as your other guilds when they just had 1 guild so the fix for me was to join another guild and leave and that triggered it to get back the primary, but this seems to be an issue for many people and should be looked at

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Any update on this? My brother got the game but kept getting kicked from the guild so he hasn’t been on since. He asked me today if they fixed it and I figured the answer was no but thought I would check up.


No it just happened to 2 of my alts yesterday.

Wait, exos are broken?

Not any more :grin:


Not to go too OOC on the support thread for guild bugs, but what was wrong with them? I only just got back a few days ago, after a year of a break.

They weren’t spawning properly or, well at all. The reason Is buried somewhere in the sovereign world or server spawn scripts. Tbh couldn’t give you the in depth and detailed reasons but it was posted by James iirc

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Thank you. :heart: