Guild faction transfers and missing coin

So to start, I had 167k on my character. I withdrew 100k from one guild faction and immediately ‘donated’ it to another faction of the same guild. The first faction was 100k less and the other was 100k higher. Problem is, I check my inventory and I now for some reason show as only having 67k.
Somewhere 100k vanished. It was as if 100k was deducted twice from my inventory.
Anyone else have this happen? Is there some fix?

This is my logs

This is my guild leaders logs, showing that only the donation happened, for some reason.

@james I’m pretty concerned about this issue. I manage our guilds funds and have never had this happen before. I’m worried now about losing additional coins from transfers and donations. Is there any way someone could look into this?

@vdragon @Leahlemoncakes @james @lucadeltodecso

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