-GUILD WARS- Meteor Tournament - Complete - Please refer to new "Meteor League" Thread*****

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NEW Community Event!! GUILD WARS

Gather your friends and prepare to battle other teams in this once in a lifetime METEOR TOURNAMENT!!

What’s a Tournament without a Trophy??

This TROPHY is PURE Silver and Gold worth over 500,000 prestige.
ALSO winning team gets 900 Oort stone! No Entry Fee!

Interested yet?

Rules are simple,

  • Teams of 5 including a designated captain. (9 teams total)

  • Teams must be of the SAME GUILD. (2 Teams of Free Agents accepted)

  • Team to complete the most meteors successfully wins!!!

  • Everybody starts on designated podium until tournament marshal signals GO!

  • Each team will be given a designated planet to hunt Meteors (all same lvl planet)

  • Teams will have exactly one Hour to hunt.

  • All members of the team must be back to their podium before the timer runs out or face disqualification.

  • ALL members must turn in their OORT STONE upon returning from the hunt. (Used as prize purse)

  • Tie’s will be broken by amount of Oort stone returned. Further tiebreaker will be first team back.

  • A referee will be assigned to each team.

Winning team will earn 900 oort stone (or total returned from tournament)***** and the trophy and can decide to put it anywhere. I will demolish it and rebuild at the location of your choosing. It will need 2x2x4h plots. I will retain ownership for 3 months and give only the guild captain permissions. (I dont want it earned and disassembled for parts) After 3 months, I will turn over full ownership, plots and all, to the guild.

There will be many things left to chance in this event, such as meteor level, frequency, etc…please accept the fact that everybody will be against the same unknown factors of the games RNG.

WHEN will this tournament take place? MARCH 30 @ 10am CST (Chicago) 3pm UTC
WHERE on Storis on Lacuna Lake
---- Directions (Portal now Open)
-------- Ultima HUB —> “Emporium Nocturne” in the lower courtyard
--------- Portal Seekers —> Gravidias Te HUB - “Lacuna” (Behind the Boori portal)
------Find Q-Mart and the “GUILD WARS” PORTAL
WHY - Because I can, I want Oort, and for fun. And I mined a ton of silver and gold for this.
WHO - Quazel or Your Highness will be tournament Marshal
HOW - To register your team, a Captain must be present one hour before tournament start. The whole team must be present 30 minutes before start. Late arrivals will be sacrificed for other hopeful teams. You may also make a post to this thread with all team members included to reserve your spot, 30 minute attendance still applies.
CAPTAINS will be given permissions to change the signs on their podium to represent their guild and hunters and must collect all oort for turn in.

I will also entertain the idea of temporary shops around the arena, or welcome the idea if any Larger Guilds would like to donate coin to add to the prize purse. In return I can put up billboards around the arena advertising your shop or support in this event.
Players are welcome to set up shops freely, please max of 3x3.

1,000c for a 1x2 (500c Ppb) ((Price per block))
5,000c for a 3x4 (417c Ppb)
10,000c for a 5x6 (333c Ppb)
No Bigger.

I have chosen a date 2 weeks away to give Captains time to gather a hunting squad. and to address any community concerns. Such as what happens if this event collapses the Storis servers due to too many people trying to get here…ya, that would be awsome.

If you don’t join the hunt, PLEASE come check it out anyways! It will be a smashing good time!


                                 .*Disclaimer* some small details may change.

Count Iconic in.

Orrian Team [ICON] Captain

  1. Martok
  2. Bobthebum
  3. Alienfish
  4. Freak




Counting Iconic.

So far I have a team from:
The Golden Fist

Prize purse will include an additional 50,000 coin as of now with thanks to the Golden Fist! They have been around since the beginning and always have great prices!!

Does the completed meteors count gleambow ones?

Great idea to get the community involved in something. How will the planets be assigned though? As some planets are easier to travel than others it would need to be random?

No, These will have to be normal meteors to battle the baddies that spawn. But now that you mention it, I wonder how the Gleambow meteors will water down the frequency of normal meteors and adversely effect the Tournament.

The planets will all be T3 planets. I’ll designate them the day of the tournament. I promise i will not attempt to favor anybody, only variable i might take into account is preventing Guilds from hunting on their home planet.

Teams should be prepared to traverse all terrain. This falls under the games RNG factors that i can’t control. I ask a little leniency from the public in dictating whats “Fair” as we are trying to use what’s given to us in game. If we have teams hunting on the same planet they will almost definatly run into the same meteors and then who gets credit for completing the meteor? and also what would prevent teams from working together.

Ah ok T3 shouldnt be too bad then. The only planet i had in mind was the evil planet of kol huroo.

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This is a great idea. I am always so happy to see meta in Boundless. I was anxiously awaiting to see guilds begin to think outside the box and for this to become more than build-a-mall Boundless. Competitions are great! I’ll be glad to join and support any guild that will want me in this.


Oh I didnt see that date, March 30th the gleambow meteors should be gone. Think this will turn out to be a very fun player driven event!

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what if you have more guilds than planets are you going to take turns? two sets of hours?

Only accepting 8 teams. (6-8 guilds and 0-2 free agent teams)

So Reserve your spot today!!!

At least for this first tournament.

This is great guys!

I’ll throw 50k in to enhance the pot for the winning team. Sponsored by DK’s Ultima Mall :blush:


I personally have a shop in your mall, and I appreciate your support!

I’ll be there for sure. Sounds like some good fun :smiley:

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Well the planets might be a problem. Every tier 3 planets have various people going there.
What i mean is for example.
Team 1 goes to Amdaari, this planet isnt habited that mutch so there wont be many meteors spawning before the hunt,
Team 2 goes to Biitula, This planet is decent habited and the people who are there are going to trigger the meteors. This makes team 2 go to a worse planet then team 1.

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Also may have issues of random people trying to join in.

The event will have to be advertised very heavily. So that the public is aware whats going on.

Also some other rules may be needed. Is a group allowed to split and then warp to the group that spawns one? Or must all 5 people stay together at all time. I would perfer the hunt take place in T6. T3 is so easy. With T6 teams will have to prepare and have good builds and gear. T3 you dont need much of anything.

yaaa… This falls under that uncontrollable RNG factor. I will be trying to promote it heavily and ask people to forgoe hunting for an hour before and during, but realistically, who am I to tell people they can’t hunt. I also hope to mitigate some of this by using my referee’s to politely ask random players to please leave the teams alone for the time being…

But you bring up some good points.