-GUILD WARS- Meteor Tournament - Complete - Please refer to new "Meteor League" Thread*****

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IIve chosen T3 planets to offer everybody the opportunity to participate regardless of level or atmosphere protection.

The Team will have to stick together within sight of the referee to prevent some attempts at cheating such as having outside guild members on other parts of the planet spawning meteors for the group, portaling to that member and that member then running off to do the same.

So meteor “Fishing” is not allowed.

Future tournaments will be on T6 and other planets but for now we will surely have some bugs to work out.


Hope the refs can keep up. We will be moving fast :slight_smile:


Arena Games coming soon to boundless! Tournament style 3 vs 3 team battles for supremacy. Represent your guild in the arena battlefield. Fast paced action filled event with combination of team strategy and skill based tactics. Not for the faint of heart. Winning team will sit on top of the leaderboard and a grand prize of 1 million coin! Free Entry for contestants. Tickets for the show will be limited with entry fee. Along with the ticket you’ll receive $10,000 coin credit to make a bet on the team you think will win the tournament. Payout will be paid accordingly with the number of teams in the tournament. More info will be posted soon.


Count Iconic in again.


I got one ref you will have to try to keep up with him lol / jk

But seriously, The referee’s will take part in the hunt with the team. Their loot will NOT count for the team though.


well make sure we have the strongest ref :slight_smile:


For fairness, i might have to give you the slowest ref :wink:


:anguished: lol


Looking for more TEAMS!!

If your interested in a possible extra 900 Oort from hunting for just an hour, If you want to earn 20k gold for a single hunt, And get a Big Cast Trophy of silver and gold for you to show off at your guild hall!!!

Come and Join Guild Wars - Meteor Tournament - Mar, 30 10am CST - 4pm UTC <=( I Think)

I would love to see representation from;
@ Ultima !!!
@ Portal Seekers !!!
@ Legends !!!


So just wondering what all guilds have signed up?


■■■■ I need to join a guild, this actually sounds like Fun.


Oh they want no part of Iconic. Lol friendly trash talk btw.


I love this idea and wish I could contribute something to it, but I’m still pretty new to the game and can’t. It’s player driven events like this that have the opportunity to make this game great! You might get more people competing if you have a much smaller second or third place prize too. That way even if you don’t win, you can still get something for participating.

Lol, maybe I’ll try to mass craft some sort of brews or food and feed our hungry troops.


So far i have two teams reserved;

Golden Fist

If your not part of a guild I have two teams open for Free Agents, welcome to organize yourselves as long as you determine a captain of your team.

I would welcome any contributions to encourage further participation. Maybe i’ll allocate a 100k coin for a second place team and 50k coin to a third place team. But we need at least 6 teams to offer a third place prize!

Again, Entry is Free!! just find other friends and show up!

Iconic is boasting being the best Hunt group of all guilds in all of Boundless, Does everybody agree?


they have freelance spots open as well, if you can get a group of 5 people together.


Sorry Icon, when The Golden Fist rolls out full force… I think we got you beat :kissing_heart:

Guess this event will name a true winner… until the next one that is…


Now announcing Ultima’ commitment to the Tournament and a maybe from Portal Seekers.

Currently reserved positions for

Golden Fist
Portal Seekers.

4 more spots available!! 2 more for guild reservation and 2 for Free Agents.

I expect guild teams to portray the same guild affiliation before their name. I am trying to encourage a sense of unity and community. And the free agent teams are for non conforming guild affiliations. Free Agents may likely be made up on the spot so come by if your interested at all!


Well I hope you are not actually going to use golden fist :wink:


Oh? My golden fists 1 shot elites… and my slingbows are second to none, not even available to the public for sale :sunglasses:


My slingbows are 1 shot on t6 if you get a good shot.

We will be making a special stock for the hunt.
I may even empty the depot that day :wink: