-GUILD WARS- Meteor Tournament - Complete - Please refer to new "Meteor League" Thread*****

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This is so much fun. You guys are great. I cant wait and may the best team win!


This is the kind of competitiveness that deserves a place in boundless :grin:


Who is Aqua with? i always see iconic there, do we have a spot i would put in 50k for the prize pool.


AQUA on the boards! That makes 5 Teams!!

I may have jumped the gun… but i hope Aqua shows :wink:

Be sure to find 4 other friends and pick a captain!! Reminder the Captain must be there an HOUR before start to register their team. Involves me seeing you. Confirming your name to a podium, giving you temporary rights to that podium. And the captain filling out the team roster on the podium for all to see.

Half an hour before start full team must be present. (Allowed to make quick trips elswhere after you make an apoearance.)
10 min before, I ask full presence of ALL teams.


Portal open to the Arena - Come check out the podiums and maybe set up a small shop for the games!

DONATIONS - I’ll be accepting donations to strictly add to the prize purse. If one more team registers, then Top three teams get a prize! To donate; purchase the really expensive dirt at the Arena. I expect to have 150k coin to disburse taken in from donations. Let me know it was you so I can provide signage commemorating your support!


And we have our final Guild Reservation for LEGENDS!!


We have some major players involved in this… equivalent to the College “BIG TEN”
We have…

The Golden Fist
Portal Seekers

Looking forward to the Tournament!!! These guilds better bring their top hunters, We get to see who’s public hunts are really led by by the best hunters!!! --Teams, please work on a roster of your 5 hunters, extras would be a good idea too.

No more reservations for guild affiliated teams. Still accepting 2 free agent teams. I will accept a second team from any guild after registration has opened and free agents have been given a chance to register. Im still trying to keep this a community event by offering it to all.

This is gonna be great…


We checked it out last night. looks great over there.


How and when are you deciding the planets we will be on?


5-10 minutes before the start. Expect any T 3 planet for now.


Short story…

As I was making a planet per team spreadsheet, I realized there are -9- -T3- Planets…

This means, one more Guild Reservation Available ! ! !


Can the freelancers be parts of or guilds combined? If you don’t fill the 2? Just seems like they would be at a disadvantage sense the guild teams have guild buffs but the freelancers won’t have the lvl3 grapple and run or brew extensions.


Yes. Its mainly to provide an open opportunity for all others that cannot find 4 other guild members to hunt with. And they can still earn the trophy, but only the Captain get to choose its location after winning.


Exciting :blush:


Oh ok. Was just wondering cuz new to iconic guild. And they have a set team. So “kinda” didn’t like feeling left out. So that’s why asked it the “leftovers” could form a team with other leftovers


In the works to make a team for you guys Morey. Get bobbuilder and maybe D-Rock. You would have to find a few people not Iconic or there would be 2 Icon teams.

Maybe check with Psycho they have a few people.


Mittens how often is this event taking place?


I’ll jump in on a free lance team if there is one


Hey monkey hold tight im trying to get a freelance together for people.


If he does decide to do this more, maybe different events could be cool too. Maybe a themed building competition or something as well.


If this event goes well, i hope to have one every 2 weeks. Im down to host them. And RL ive hosted tournaments before. Im thinking the “Boundless Meteor League” --BML–

If there is three or more members of the same guild, ill have to ask you to register on the day. 30 min before start, ill accept any team. Before then the team must have less than 3 members of the same guild affiliation to take the Free Agent spot.

If this picks up traction and becomes a normal desired thing I was thinking of trying to get with the host of Arena Games and build some league with cooridinated events such as Racing Slides, build offs, and battle Arenas with copper grapples and Bombs. (First one to the top)

Everything can grow in size or Frequency if more people get interested. But this First Guild Wars is a test. I fear we will someday be limited by planet player Cap.
@Developers will you be increasing player cap sometime? Is it currently at 80?