Gyosha Mall: a great place for shoppers & merchants


I’ve been working on a little side project. I wanted to make it easy for shoppers & merchants to find each other, while we are waiting for future game updates.

I’m not a builder, so there’s no super fabulous style to it. It’s mostly function/utilitarian. I’ve got one portal to the PS Gyosha hub right now. I may add a few others later, if the mall grows.

Anyone is welcome to join & set up a shop. I ask that you take only one plot width/one address so that there is room for others. Any length, height, depth is up to you.

I don’t have a ton of materials, but I’ll be happy to supply custom signage, if I can. Or if you have sign modules, I’ll place them for you (sign space is 8x2 on white gleam blocks). I have GC so I can customize your shop name color, on the mall side.

If the mall fills up, I’ll be happy to build more shop/kiosk stalls. Feel free to place your own portals within your shops.

I am working on a blog/site that will have a diagram showing all active mall shops…to make it even easier for buyers to locate you. :slight_smile:
For now, the mall can be found by going to PS Gyosha Ophin hub (see pic).(upload://yEfG56mBaVAOJ6lh1Hg70pNTMmE.jpg)


Im no means shopkeeper, but this would really nice opportunity to try it. Ill deffo come and take a look. And bring something to sell obviously.


Thank you :slight_smile: would love to have you there :+1::+1:

Some people are starting to set up with a variety of items.

I haven’t quite finished the ceiling/ice rink yet & I’m planning to add a few more features here & there.


Is there any restrictions for sign color. I got some cool slate signs that i would like to use.



The space for your sign on the mall side is 8 blocks wide by 2 tall. I can place your sign modules for you…& if you have a hex color # for your font & shop name.


You can choose whatever place you want for me. See what would be good place. ^^ sign should say “Elevation Green”
Edit. Ye and i pay you back those modules. Use what you like.


It’s set up so that everyone has 100% control over their own space (beacon, plots, etc).

I’ll reserve a space for you though & put your name on a mall sign. No need to pay me back for the sign. If I have cool slate I’ll use that for you. :slight_smile:


Coolz. Ill be on tonight. Means in few hours. ^^


Sounds good :+1:

Gyosha Mall #03


Love it! Thx! So nice view also ^^


Hey this is a really great idea man, I just want to congratulate on putting it on paper and fleshing it out even if it is basic.

You’re providing a community request and I think you’re going to do well with this. Many have asked for a consolidated market list and if you continue your updates over who is stocking their stores and what stores are located there, it’s going to be a pretty slick deal in the end for everyone if this gets wider traction.

Great idea!


Starting to fill in nicely with shops. Probably will start working on an extension soon. :slight_smile:


Updated because: New stores


This is actually a pretty neat idea! Every other so called mall I’ve been in is a huge cluster of random stores strewn all to heck. With some being 5x5x2, 1x1x1, and 1x1x8. The layout in some of them is absolutely disgusting!

Very nicely organized, set up, and executed majorvex! I’m in!


Updated because: new merchants


New: multi-purpose spaces now available for offices, apartments, workshops, storage, etc.

Also adding more room for more shops & a large Boundless logo :blush:

Please view first post for a few updated pics of the mall.


Do you just put a beacon down in the mall where you want or contact you first? Want to add my store just want to make sure first


Just pick a spot and place your beacon :+1:


Ok awesome will do


Looks nice, but how is this different then any of the other malls and markets that already exist?

Am I missing something here?