Gyosha Mall: a great place for shoppers & merchants


It’s another venue for merchants to gather into one place to make it easy for buyers to find their shops, plus I keep the mall map updated, plus I post on discord, etc. I tried to keep it as clean & simple to navigate as possible for buyers. Nothing amazing I suppose. There are tons of great shops and malls out there. I visit a lot of them every week. They are all great :+1:


And you’ve also seen the New Leyden Market, I noticed :wink:

Which BTW everyone, still has a few plots left too :slight_smile:


People should check it out…you have some great products & it looks really nice - yes, I bought some items :smiley:


What I think is lacking tho in this game is knowledge, people don’t all know New Leyden Market exists, not everyone will see your post about your mall either, etc., etc.

We need an in-game newspaper! With articles, photos from locations/people, ads, etc.!


I have a shop, GrayFrequency’s Store, in Gyosha Mall.

I really like it there, everyone is really cool, there is a variety of awesome shops, and I have already sold some items! :grin:

(P.S. I like the map updates MajorVex)


It’s a one shop mall not a portal hopping shop like you have to on most hubs. Everyone has different items from
What I’ve see


We need an in game method to find shops, locations and current stock. Unfortunately a newspaper only works if it is produced in multiple languages.


In the meantime, just frequent Gyosha mall. It has everything you need, probably even newspapers.


Je peux avoir vos coordonnées svp


1524N, -867E
Altitude 65


The Gyosha Mall blog site now includes the most helpful Boundless links on the right side & a page with a selfie of each store in the mall. Come take a look, buy a few items, sell a few items, or set up a place. All are welcome :slight_smile:


What a Nice idea. I think I’ll pass by this evening and perhaps take a spot. Good job! Looks very nice.

Grtz :raising_hand_woman:


Highly agree. I’m getting frustrated in trying to find not just a place to sell my excess, but to buy items I am looking for. One place that I go to many of the shops are empty, they have stands up, but nothing on them, baskets, but no request for items. It’s as if they just decided they had enough and walked out, what sells, sells; if it doesn’t they don’t care.
Will try to visit both today. Yesterday was exploring a new planet, level one, but testing a theory. Today, look for new shops, see who is selling what.


Entire north end of the mall near 100% full. Going to open a new south wing soon.

P.S. I am removing older posts with out-of-date mall maps


Visited there today. Bought some decorations for my lawn. There were two stores selling such items, the mushrooms, staffs, boulders and more. One had very high prices, they need to lower them. The other, well, the prices were a bit low, I’d raise them a bit, not a lot, but I would have paid more for the decorations, so if this is their way of making income, they could raise them some and have no problem in selling them. Missed out on the ores, maybe better luck next time I visit. Did find other items to buy, spent around 1k coins I think.

Bought at several stores and next time will bring some items to put in the request baskets. Have around 70 wildstock eyes, won’t hurt me to give up a few.
Very happy with the idea of selling my excess and spending it there. Could hear someone doing some rock busting, new store must be going in.
love that I don’t have to run all over the place looking in shops that are empty or prices are too high.


Update: I will get all address signs updated today & if anyone needs their shop signs updated I will update those too. I am going to be taking a quick screenshot of each store & posting it on the blog site today. I’ve also added a discord for the mall :slight_smile:


This is coming along great vex. Awesome to see it growing so fast. I dont think i ever said thanks for bringing us all together!


Thank you so much :slight_smile: It is growing soooo fast…I did not expect that - I’m trying to keep up lol! From what people tell me, they are already making some coin, buying, selling, etc. :+1::grin::grin::grin:


yesterday was a bad day for me, but today, going there with goodies I hope to put in the request basket then spend the coins I get there in the shops. Really liked what I saw there, fair prices, nice selections, protection from the weather and the critters LOL.
Was in a shopping area on a planet with my alt that was mostly open; was almost killed by a cuttletrunk as she isn’t very high.
Anyhow, both this one and the other shopping market are very nice. Really glad that his mall was opened and hope to see it grown even more and stay as nice.


I’m glad you enjoyed your visit :slight_smile: We are trying to get the entire roof enclosed. I originally wanted to build on a LVL1 lush planet, but I couldn’t find a free area with a ton of space. I didn’t want to encroach on anyone else’s build or settlement. I picked Gyosha bc it seemed kinda neglected lol. Sorry if you got chased by a cuttletrunk or spitter…we are working on pest control :grin::wink: