Gyosha Mall: a great place for shoppers & merchants


It wasn’t on Gyosha, don’t remember where it was, but do know it wasn’t there, I had left there to find my way home and took the wrong portal. Saw the shop and headed to check it out, forgetting I had my alt and she had no skills, even a increase in her slingbow as she is for mining and such on level two planets. First third of the building was open and the rest had a roof, I tried to kill it and then realized I was with my alt. So ran to the back and just stayed there until it got bored and left, dashed back to where the portals were and continued to look for a way to get home. Too far to use the sanctum. AUS planets and my base on the E US.


That stinks :frowning: those critters can really get you. When you’re able to spare a skill point or two, the armor and resistance skills really help block a lot of those hits.


I’m “hoarding” my skill points right now. My main girl could have dealt with it, just forgot I had switched as was on a level 1 planet and heading home, accidently took the wrong portal, got lost and ended up in a mess, LOL. Using my alt to do gathering and hunting on level 1 and 2 planets to get what I need to do cooking. Then will take my cooking/baking skills from my main girl and focus her on handling the higher level planets and the alt can take over the cooking.
And on this note, going to help hubby fix supper then play and get my stuff to visit the mall.




Hi Majorvex

Can you please reopen my shop 421?
Thank you!

Wickedwizze (Raw & Refined)


I am in Austin right now, but I will def take care of that as soon as I get back. :+1:
If it’s the space I’m thinking it is, I thought that area wasn’t being developed and ppl kept asking me for those spaces. (I had to keep explaining they were plotted so I put glass there. ) I will remove it, no problem :blush:


Hi Majorvex

Thank you very much!
My neighbour in the mall explained what happened.



just for fun…

have a few great and popular portals at my Sochaltin I…nice short cut!

Hope it’s ok, @majorvex ? just let me know if a problem.


Looks great! :+1: