Had a dream

With COVID wrapping up around the world, my dream would be for @james to release the update :joy:




I had that same dream too! Maybe the update should be released?


I’d come back if updates started rolling back. Would be cool if they tweak some things visually to make the game feel fresh and new. Maybe even boundless 2 one could only hope. boundless is still my top 3 game of all time next to rust and rainbow siege

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It’s gonna be 2 years since the update was announced I gave up hope on that update :disappointed:

I had 2 dreams. One dream was where James is on an island, sipping a nice tropical drink counting his buckets of cash he has made and still makes from those of us that still pay to play the game.

I also had another dream where the game went open source… since it has obviously been given up on and completely abandoned.

Sadly, only parts are true… game has been abandoned and James is still counting his cash.


Seriously though I watch other streams about games that steal peoples money and trust and run off. This game started great but the developers seem to be no different besides stealing money can’t say they have ever done that. It’s been so long and we still have no clue if it’s going to go open source, or development is going to restart, or update it’s still going to be released or not, or a massive update and reset of the game, or complete abandonment of game and community which seems to be the case (prove me wrong).

If you happen to look… anywhere. You can see that the studio is busy currently working on a high value product. I’m not sure what they’re making on BG3 but you can be assured it’s gonna Pay better than any new update on boundless currently.

They have a great base for a game here and an MMO but it needs.
1: a wipe
2: more content. Enemies, combat, raids, dungeons, skills, weapon type, magic. They need to implement the Trinity from traditional MMOs, some proc gen quests, and some other things. They already have the base for it.
3: they need a strong cosmetic shop to bring in some cash flow. Mounts, vehicles, etc. Sell amazing looking cosmetics and clothing and different skins and make them craftable from high value in game resources. Much like ArchAges cosmetic system. Just don’t make it pay to win or pay to progress because that is trash.

5: Go free to play or at least free to try. The game already goes on sale for $5 or gets put in humble bundles. They would make more cash from cosmetic sales than they will from new people buying the game and F2P would bring in a much needed player surge.

Also for content they should consider adding dungeon like proc gen exo planets with themes. From PVP battle royals to titan fights etc. The game needs some work but it could be amazing if they just pull their heads out of their asses.

Look I am and have always been a proponent of Boundless, but I VERY MUCH dislike how the Devs handle things with the game.

Let’s take some things like:

The News hasn’t been updated or changed since December of 2020.

The Devs give no news other than the news they last gave as a reply to something I said and it was just a response so no one asks Larian about Boundless.

Regardless of the reasoning, be it legal reasons, or personal a simple quick message every once in awhile would be nice. It could be a simple “Hey we haven’t forgotten this community” or a simple update on where some things stand if they stand at all.

I still play the game daily, I still put money into the game and I do it simply because I want to offer what I can to those of us that still play and the new players that come along, but I won’t sugar coat the game for new players or current players… without some form of consistent communication the game is abandoned to me unless stated otherwise by James.

His last statement in summary was simply they don’t have time for the game or the community.

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F2P would actually hurt their upkeep on the servers considering square enix pays for the 50 main planets. As for trying to make this like other MMOs they were/are trying to be different than them. The game itself is playable in it’s state and fully functional. One of the main problems was it didn’t get enough marketing to begin with. If this was just like all the other MMOs I would of never gotten the game. As for PvP I’m highly against having someone constantly coming around and killing me for all the hard work that I put in collecting stuff for 3 years. Cost of tools just to mine are pricey as is just for someone to turn around and take it from you. Plus they aren’t a major company like most are that makes the huge MMOs. The company would have to grow first to get enough people to manage that huge of a game.


Maybe Re-read the points.

The already have planetary systems with different rulesets. IE Creative/survival. Not that hard to enable one for a PVP ark experience.

“F2P would hurt their upkeep” As if they currently have a decent revenue stream… they don’t. Having a robust cosmetic shop and a PVP survival planet that wipes would see upticks in everything.

I don’t need it to be a cookie cutter MMO. But I need reasons to do things. You can craft and open a shop. . . for people to buy things but for what purpose? You need to give people content and a good reason to play a game. It’s great that you like what it currently is. Like that’s awesome for you truly.

But it’s a dying game and needs some tried and true practices. Minecraft isn’t big because the base game is good. It’s big because of the modding community and the online servers with everything from Battle Royals to Pokemon worlds. Unfortunately this is an MMO and thus unmoddable without the tools for player created rulesets.

So they NEED to refactor and make it a decent MMO experience with a good amount of flavor.

Trove is still a massive game with a large playerbase. Why? Because there’s content. Mounts to collect, classes to unlock, dungeons to beat, and a tone of enemies. All that without the robust worldbuilding elements of boundless. They have a gem here but it NEEDS a refactor with reasons for someone to logon. Because if you haven’t noticed, it’s a ghost town.

Games need REVENUE to be created and continued. This game has hit a revenue plateu. They’re not going to get many more sales. Best bet is to go F2P. Add cosmetics. Like a ■■■■ load. and then do a marketing push after a wipe and basically present it as a new game. But it needs more content first.

This game has an average of 50 players a day. Even trove has a daily average of 2k.
You can have 50 players who paid between $40 and $5 (I paid $5 a piece for 7 copies for friends) or you could have 2k players paying $2 - $5 for pretties.

I’ll let you guess which number is bigger.

If you go thru older posts a person from square enix even said they aren’t doing anymore marketing for the game period. How to do you go about marketing a game when the company that did the marketing said themselves they won’t do anymore? Simple answer it’s up to the players now to do the marketing via streaming. But streaming websites don’t tend to recommend small niche games. Once again tho. They aren’t trying to be like all the other MMOs so doing everything that the run of mill MMOs do would make it the same as the rest of the MMOs that would be redundant. I don’t want a game that is going to be redundant and the same as every other MMO. Plus it would be hard for a small company to compete against other companies that have done everything that they would try to do. Same game different name concept. Too many games are alike out there now. The fact that they are doing something different is a good thing trying to expand on the marketing for concepts that make it different from the other MMOs. If you are getting the average off of steam for players that doesn’t include PSN players. Plus the devs have stated that right now they are focused on BG3 and don’t have the time to put as much attention as they would like.


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It’s more like you don’t read. They aren’t trying to make the game like every other MMO is. You just want them to add things to meet your expectations of every other MMO. If you bothered to read you would understand that they don’t have a big enough team to just keep adding stuff. Plus you really need to read some of the older posts where the devs have talked about why even the next update is taking a long time. Some of the devs aren’t working just for wonderstruck now. Some of them are now working for larian Guildford now. You want a small company to do things that they need a bigger company to do. Small companies can’t do everything that a big company can do. Understand the difference between a small company first and a big company and how it makes a huge difference when it comes to developing a game.


I want to say your not supposed to cuss in here and it just seems to me you just joined the forms and you don’t even know what’s going on with the game or with the people that made the game. If you don’t like how this game is run there’s other games you can play I like the game and idc if they don’t have a update for it because it’s a complete game not like some games that come out now.


No. I want them to add things that make money… so they can develop the game… and make more money… to develop the game. YOU HAVE to have some things to draw players. It’s just a fact of existence. Or it just dies. These cities are empty, the shops are ghost towns. You don’t need a massive company to put out content or to make a game worth playing.

Valheim was made by 5 people and has more handcrafted content than boundless. They’re slow for sure but progressing. I assume wonderstruck has at least 5 people that can add some decent content to what’s already here after they’re done with BG3.

We super get it. The 50 of you diehards on here want it to stay the same. But I doubt you all pay some kind of a subscription to keep it going. This game could have been the next big thing beyond Minecraft. But they failed to add things that it sorely needed and priced it at twice the cost of MC.

They CAN fix it. But it’s gonna require them to change some things to bring in MORE people. This game can’t run with the 5 of you who like it how it is. SOrry not sorry to burst your bubble.

Currently, they have 3 people who are maintaining the servers. They fix issues that come up. But that’s it. Until BG3 is finished, they won’t return to the active development of the game. You’re either going to have to wait patiently…or move on. It’s just that simple.

As to your comment about 50 people? Are you being facetious? I’m guessing that’s based upon the numbers available from steam, right? Those numbers are from the PC players. Those numbers don’t include the PS4/5 players, who outnumber the PC players. There are hundreds of PS players.

Also, you need to refrain from cussing and moderate your tone. Another player got banned less than a week ago for improper attitude. I’d suggest you read up on the Code of Conduct. There’s a thread about it. It may save you.


I’m not overly worried about it. If a slightly rude tone gets me banned its not exactly a forum I wanna be in. Who wants to talk to people that whiny and offended?

I have been waiting patiently. Continuing to do so. I’ve owned the game for years all the way back when it was OORT Online. Just never came to the actual forums. I tend to chill on steam but looks like the devs exist here more. I’m really hoping after BG3 they pull it together and get this stuff fixed and add content or it’s just back to waiting on Hytale for a half decent new voxel game.

The fact they have this amazing tech and interconnected worlds and they’re just sleeping on it is painful to watch.

Yes. 50 average for steam. Even if you 4x that its just 250 between the console and PC. I’ve played enough walking through the hubs at all times to know the game is dead with massive empty cities. IT FEELS abandoned. Like walking a museum. ITs DEPRESSING to play this most of the time. And you see that sentiment echoed by a LOT of new players.

Grab your popcorn, folks! :popcorn:

You guys take this debate too seriously. Why can’t you see it from the mind of a 15 year old?

Enjoy it while it’s there. And if your not going to enjoy it, go find a different game to play. Leave the drama out of this