Half the xp for rocks, fine. Halve the craft time please


Holy goodness. It’s a beating.


I personally don’t see why it wasn’t done at the same time as the reduction in xp.

I wholeheartedly agree that the time needs to be reduced a bit.

Its murder making bricks lol


Just remove xp and time from rock -> stone :smiley:
Benefits new players for faster building that gives xp and old players can continue making more advanced blocks faster :slight_smile:


Bring back 2xp rock and double the crafting time reeeeeeeeeeeee


they kind of tryed to do that XP used to be lower but the backlash was so massive they had to up it


Bricks really aren’t that bad though…once you have a big enough workshop, 100k bricks in a day really is pretty easy xD.

That said, I think part of the reason why workshops need so many machines right now is precisely due to the craft times. Since everything but the crafting table can have reduced craft times (via coils or better fuel/furnace types), it does seem like the biggest factor.

However, I can easily get 500k xp in a day on my crafter from bricks. If the craft time gets reduced further, they may need to further reduce xp gained from any rock-based craft, and we all know how people tend to handle balances that involve nerfing xp.


Yeah I mass produce bricks all the time and have a dedicated brick works as well.

However the crafting time on the stones is a bit much when you’re running cast quantities.


I remember and I did like that instant crafting time proposition after much complains about xp removing.
Who remembers when rock & soil breaking xp was reduced? At least it was done time before aoe hammers were common (and done about same time with bombs so nobody did seem to care) :slight_smile:


Not denying that. Stones probably are the most limiting factor. This is an MMO though, so imo, we do need some limiters. I’d like faster crafting times for stones, but I’m concerned at what cost they would be implemented.


give 1xp for both stone and timber

half crafting time for stone and introduce the same crafting time for timber

it’s the same tier of material and crafting


The cost was already paid for with the reduction by 50% xp given.


lolz all the members are here from bricks anonymous :joy:


I would rather see a better conversion rate from Stone- next stage then using 288 for 50. Really shortens the Outcome by 30% > more grind to compensate the Stone.
And a “Craft all x type” button is needed. I Need a new mouse soon and clicking 600k times a day is not healthy either.
And to the actual op. no, dont half the xp or reduce them even more allready.
Plan your crafting and you wont Need faster times.


Use space, it is easier :smiley:


Let’s take a timeout real quick just to clarify that I’m fine with the xp being cut in half as it was, but would also like for the crafting time to be cut in half. Not asking for the xp to be reduced further


Are you allowed to use macros to spam click the mass craft button? I have something wrong with my wrist (carpal tunnel maybe?) And it takes me forever to fill 25 crafting tables. I cannot fill all 25 before the first table finishes the first craft.

Didn’t know you could use space bar instead, will give that a try.


if you use hardware macros like razer or Logitech even if its not allowed there is 100% no way for the devs to detect it so go nuts software wise like AHK is a gray area


spacebar is way faster also gonna make ya mouse last longer


I’d say we don’t need 18 rock to 50 stone conversion. That created the situation with too much xp from crafting stone. With the amount of rock a miner with top hammer can bring it was inevitable for stone crafting to become power leveling tool.


My main xp still Comes from Building, the Stone refinery is just a Bonus. Just sad to see i have to mine 30% more in the end in an never ending loop to catch the 30% miss… which ofc i can never catch :=)

Yea when i was back in game and had the thread go trough my mind i thought it might be that :slight_smile:

I for sure will give that a try, thank you.