Half the xp for rocks, fine. Halve the craft time please


Yeah it was always a bonus only for me, even when it was 2xp per stone. Never really set up a large stone crafting set up. I am not a power leveling kind of player.

However, I will tell you one thing: it still can give a lot.

I had this new character on lvl 15 and a player was looking for someone to turn all his rock from mining to stone and then to refine it as well. It was thousands of it. I thought I could do some for him and maybe push through 10 levle sor so.

It was 20-30 minutes to fill all 100 (ish) crafting tables (full queues: 30 masses of stone in each table).
It was around 15 minutes to move all the stone (1500 in each of the 100 tables) to refineries.
Rinse and repeat 5 or 6 times as far as I recall.

I ended up on lvl 45. I used teaching pies and bread (more or less half and half).

So, it still has potential.

Saying that, normally you don’t sit on thousands of rock. It takes time to have that much and then it takes time and patience to process it. So, it was interesting to see how much xp is still there, but it did already feel grindy half way through. It’s not power leveling anymore - a lot of clicking and repetitiveness make it quite unpleasant.
I went through it all for 2 reasons: I wanted to provide what I promised to help with and I was curious how much xp I would end up with.

To be true, I thought I would maybe go up to lvl 30 tops.


Some people did care and complained about it, here is one thread for example: (if this link works)

But I think it was so overshadowed by the next update which surprise nerfed bomb mining that complaints about the block mining exp nerf from 4 to 2 were forgotten.