Happy 1 month anniversary, footfall being broken!

It has been one month since footfall broke. Nobody is buying/selling, and now even high end players are feeling the pinch. Can we address this soon please? Maybe the issue isn’t being ignored, but it also isn’t being resolved.

Just had one of my forger friends take a vacation from forging because of the economy pinch. Is the new expectation we just don’t have an economy and that’s it? End of story?


This is definitely a problem. I’m very surprised it wasn’t fixed in the last update.

Question. Why is your friend taking a break from Forging? (S)He could go out and collect the necessary ingredients himself.

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Because no one has the money to buy any of his stuff. He’s sold one hammer in 2 weeks


I’ve never complained about the footfall before but now things are getting bad. I used to log in each day and collect 1 or 2k. I know it wasn’t much but it was a guaranteed income. Now, I’m lucky to collect a couple of hundred coins and I see the same amount of players come and go.

I’m almost broke and have hardly any money to spend and put back into the economy. And, I’m just one small fish in a larger pond.


Nobody buying Rolex watches on a Ramen noodle budget.


So this person believes footfall will never be fixed? Doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the time when people have money again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Well, I’m about to coin my baskets at the bcon brgr on ultima, finata… so if people really need some cash come swing by and see which goodies i want and which you’re willing to collect.

Also, selling Ramen noodle at Ramen prices :yum:


I agree sadly, this needs fixed, I’m an average poor oort like most people but I still liked the small footfall I did get, I wanted to open a shop but I can’t now. I want everyone to get help though not just me or the rich people.

Even said I think feats and such should give more coin than they do. I dunno but I hope it gets fixed.

I’m bout to have 5 master accounts for sale at the local thrift shop

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It’s been a month, he’s gone from having 1 million coins going through the shop to having a total net worth of less than 100k. What’s the point of being prepared for something when all your friends have stopped playing because the current state of the game seems to be nerfs and broken mechanics leading to a dwindling number of customers and suppliers?


I’m about ready to grand re-open my shop…but I’m in no rush.

I see no reason to set it up until the footfall/economy is fixed.

And it’s now having an effect on the items I can find/buy. If you are out adventuring and just need simple iron hammers, good luck. No one is selling crafted items anymore unless you can sell them for at least 2K.

Kinda like back childsupport I wonder if there is back-footfall support for all the coin lost

Boundless/wonderstruck has alot of oort babies not getting fed due to the economy


I don’t think…broken footfall is the death of shops.
More likely that by this time many of the original purchasers have just made alts and can do stuff for themselves…imo.


I’m surprised no one has role played as a lone shark yet. But then again, there’s no PVP so there’ll be no breaking legs when folk won’t/cant pay up. lol


Honestly I’ve thought about making alts over and over again transfering coin just to get my footfall back

We are working on the issue:

  1. (As everyone knows) this issue isn’t new. It’s been broken like this for many months. It’s an anniversary of discovery, not it being broken.

  2. It’s non-trivial to fix. If we simply change the cool down from 24 days to 24 hours then there will be an explosion of income. If we then balance this downwards we’ll get accused of nerfing the game.

  3. Simulating what will happen when we change the system is extremely difficult because we don’t have enough analytics data to simply replay everyones movements over the past few months.

  4. Because we can’t easily model the income a new system will generate our current plan is to run the old and an updated system in parallel for a couple of weeks. We’ll then be able to track the difference between the two and make balance changes before switching over.

We’re working on it and we’ll get it released publicly ASAP. Recent feedback has been clear that players don’t like us changing the game like it is still in Early Access post 1.0.


Everyone seems to forget this. I started playing upon PS4 release and the scale of my footfall income has not changed since then. The current lack of money in circulation is surely due to the halving in player numbers and the fact that those that are left are now all mid or high level players with many alts, who don’t need to buy most items.


While I would have appreciated a little more communication from you guys on the matter earlier, I am very satisfied with this answer. The fact that you are acknowledging it is non-trivial and thinking of resorting to simulations shows the passion you have for your game. This is why I wanted a statement. I knew it was going to be something positive that shows dedication.

But yes, hopefully we get a resolution sooner rather than later because it does sting gameplay-wise to always be desperate for that little bit of coin to get a tool to get by.


Yall are at a stage where the system just needs to be fixed. IMO I’d say fix it to update daily instead of every 24 days as it was clearly originally intended. Let us as players balance the market afterwards. Prices will be volatile as hell, and that’s only natural for any fledgling economy. Once people realize they have their guaranteed daily income again, if you want currency to be a thing in this game, it will solve the problem itself. As it stands now theres no currency to regularly use. Introduce the ‘fixed’ footfall and the economy goes through a seizure but will regulate itself over the next coming months.

The other thing is to scrap footfall altogether and implemented a new guaranteed daily currency generator. I definitely dont think there is anything wrong with fixing the footfall to work as it was originally intended though. People will complain and lash out regardless. Like other things, it’ll settle over time. If anything, just daily update that metrics are being analyzed and as a result next week x change is planned to combat y reason.

Thanks for addressing the problem, currency definitely needs some pass over if it’s intended to be a core mechanic of the game.


That’s good enough for me. I’m just glad to know that you guys are working on it and that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks!

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Footfall may have been broken before discovery, but footfall was functioning up until the point of discovery. And the economy crashed and burned when the footfall tap was shut off. While we appreciate the efforts it is also painful to watch what the economy has become and the effect it is having on peoples’ playstyles and ability to enjoy the game.

Could just dial footfall or whatever up a little every week until we meet the mark.

Bottom line the game kinda sucks right now for anybody who doesn’t want to play solo.