Happy Hunting Ground

Welcome to Happy Hunting Ground - T3 Lush Sovereign World.
A planet created for easy meteor hunting.

Easy terrain made mostly of flats and gentle hills.
No ice.
No mountains.
Very little water.
And a network of locations placed in centers of the easiest regions.

Ideal for solo and small group hunters (10 players limit) who need oort stones for coin or portal fuel.
Perfect for hassle-free gleambow meteor summoning.
Dream of beginners.

Accessible from Ultima Hub on Boori.

You start in a closed Hunt Center. It’s placed in one of few rough areas on the planet, so there is no exit leading outside. No point starting in a Swiss cheese region that will make you frustrated.

Instead, warp yourself out to the first Hunting Temple of your choice.

First, get yourself location tokens for all 16 Summoning Temples, if you don’t have them yet.
You might like to provide yourself with a fully mapped atlas of the world too, should you decide to.

Then go through one of the side doors…

…and get to unplotted area underground, where you can place your warping blocks.

After that simply enjoy this hunter-friendly planet by warping from one Temple to another. Some of the locations are so close apart, that you will be able to see nearby Temples and simply run there for the next region instead of warping.
At the end of your hunt simply warp home.

Dear gatherers
As you can see on screenshots above, there are a few nice large muddy and grassy plains waiting for you. Inky leaf galore among other things. Get your axe and go for the plants and mushrooms of your choice!


You sir, are a gentleman. Thank you! I’ll definitely be checking this out tomorrow.


This is great! Sometimes a little solo hunting is relaxing and an easy place to do that would be welcome. Thanks : )


It’s excellent ! I dreamed about it and you did. As soon as I get out of bed and have my first coffee ready, I come to try your domain. Thank you


Very nice, thanks!! :smiley: Perfect for some solo hunting!! :slight_smile:


Best Planet in the game for playing one handed


locking the world for a few hours to regen and reset meteors

will be back for public access soon enough

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Happy Hunting Ground is fully public again.

Let it be Happy Gathering Ground for the Halloween event - use those vast muddy plains to get your spooky orbs.
I tried it a few hours ago and got nearly 7 smart stacks (6k ish) in 45 minutes around just one location (Cherry Summoning Temple).



16 stacks for me, thanks! The world regen occurs relatively quickly.


Nice one :sunglasses:

For everyone’s convenience - two mud fields are around Cherry and Teal Temples.


Restocked location tokens and atlases (Halloween event brought a lot of mud lovers).

Also, if you don’t know it yet, if you come to gather spooky orbs, go to Cherry and Teal Temples.