Harsh atmosphere

i am building a new workshop on vulpto and just had the thought. will I be taking damage underground when the new atmospheres come out. I’m putting a lot of time into this so it would be good to know in advance.
thanks in advance :smiley_cat:


Yes. Atmospheres are for the whole world.


ouch that what I was woried about. thanks for the quick reply :smiley_cat:

I was hoping we can create some dome cities where anyone could come and be atmosphere free. :money_mouth_face:

@luke-turbulenz will this be the same for private servers? Or can we have a toxic atmosphere type for the looks but not be harmful to folks.


That is to be determined but if it gives players an unfair advantage then these worlds will be worlds that are not connected to the main universe.


This will depend on where you spawn your world:

  • If you’re on a Level 1 world and spawn yourself a world, then you’ll get a Level 1 world connected to the world you’re on.

  • If you’re on a harder Level 5 toxic world (say), then you’ll get a Level 5 toxic world connected to the world you’re on.

We have some ideas on the todo list about allowing Settlements to offer buffs to players. This would allow you to provide atmospheric protection to visitors automatically.


And what would be the benefits of a harsher planet James?
More resources or unique resources?

The world level determines the resource profile. So yes a harder world will have more valuable resources.

It’s up to you to decide if spawning a harder world is a benefit…


Being that we will have to follow a set of rules to remain part of the rest of the universe how much customization will we have? Will we have a set of pre-made planets to choose from or can we play in the world builder to produce our own unique world?

Edit: actually, this answers my question.


Here is some food for thought. If WE the creators of a public world. to be connected to the OORTMMO main connected server, made escencially a few here and there location of Gleam Flag poles that could not be claimed by anyone and always wilderness.? Basically where its connected to main universe but have gleam locations much like there is not just not claimable within a set radius whether its 1x1 or 2x2 or 10x10 to be determined by the creator. Just food for thought…
Edit: Yes i know the first to the resource claims it, but as the creator of the world wants it to not be created would this be possible?

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I guess once the atmospheres are released it’ll be RIP for all building and visiting on Level 3+ planets except for people willing to spend a ton of points on the resistances (who will likely be doing so for mining or hunting). I guess Nasharil will be even more the middle of nowhere than it is now. :confused:

I already live in a harsh atmosphere. Can I have the atmosphere resistance passively?


Damn anti-vacs’ers and their “natural immunty” :yum:

@Rumplypigskin safe space for visitors might work if there was some kind of atmospheric generator that could make a plot of space breathable for as long as it is fueled.