Haven't played in 2 years. Q about returning

As I said its been 2 years since I’ve played the game.

I know my beacons have all expired, so how do I get restarted?

I don’t have a totem in my current inventory.

Is my only option to jump through the available port in the Sanctum and look for a new home location?


  1. Craft & place a beacon to see if you have any reclaims available. If you do have any reclaims, it should contain the items you had in your last build(s).
  2. If not, craft a totem (this is free and no supplies are required). Then collect any rosetta flowers, berries in trees, etc. Go to the sanctum. Click on worlds, settlements. Then click on the 1st settlement. You’ll warp to the capital of the planet. There you should find portals to places like DK mall and others. Sell the items you collected for some coin. Buy some iron tools to give yourself a quicker start.

Same, I fortunately have stuff. Let me k ow if you need anything. Just be aware people seem to take great offense if you start building in their unplotted areas in town lol

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What is a Reclaim?

I don’t remember that feature.

Thanks for your help


It is a newish feature? Allows you to collect items from expired beacons. You’re gonna want a lot of boxes if you do have anything that can be reclaimed, you can only reclaim one beacon at a time. It’s in the beacon options under the reclaim tab if your stuff expired after they implemented it


A reclaim is a system put in about half after the game released to allow if a beacon goes down, you get to keep all your items you had in your beacon.

So when you craft a beacon and select the “reclaim” option, you will see your old beacon names. [It is a per character aspect]

There is a small warning. Don’t open a reclaim and then try to reclaim the build it’s active on. It will destroy anything left in that reclaim previous. If the beacon reclaims naturally and has a reclaim on it-- thats not so bad.

Also, Welcome Back! Glad to have friends returning!

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Glitch over on Refgar takes no offense if people plot within our city. We encourage it. :smiley:


Things have changed a bit as far as what’s around. Portal seekers are no longer present, ultima and aquarius are around and I think the new major hub is either ez pz or TNT. But you are going to find shop names you recognize and it will quickly get you into the hub networks that are active

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This may sound like a dumb question, but how do I craft a beacon, I’ve forgotten a lot of things.

I placed a campfire and a workbench, but I can’t see how to craft a beacon.

Sorry, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten most of the game functions. Lol

Thanks again.


use the workbench to check the recipe. Happy to help you out :wink:

I luckily have an iron Longbow, hammer, axe and shovel in my characters inventory.

So, I guess its time to just find my new home and start all over.

Thanks so much. I’m sure I’ll be back with questions.

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1 more Question.

I set down a temporary Beacon to check my Reclaims, I have none.

Can I delete this Beacon?

Its not where I want my home.

I chose Delete from its menu, and nothing happens.

You guys are great. I forgot what an awsome community this is.


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you should’ve picked “reclaim” on your beacon instead of “delete”. It’s the better option

Did you read my post?

I said I have no reclaims.

Can I delete this beacon?


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reclaim your temporary beacon instead of deleting it. you’ll get everything you put in it back (unless you have nothing in it.) You have no reclaims but you can access the contents of the temporary beacon afterwards.

I tried the reclaim on this temporary beacon and it was totally greyed out.

I don’t have anything to reclaim, since I lost everything I had before except what was on my character.


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oof, sorry.

You can only reclaim a beacon if it’s 2+ hours old. Since you’re starting fresh, just “delete” the beacon and take it with you.

For future reference: If you don’t use Gleam club to keep your beacons fueled and you forget to maintain them, they’ll expire (as they did before). All of your items will go into a reclaim for you, when you return. You’ll be able to place a beacon down and access all of your items. I guess your old beacons expired shortly before this feature was added.

Side note: Players use this feature while hunting/collecting/mining items. You can place a campfire with a storage chest. When it expires in 2 hours, all of the items will be available in a reclaim via your beacon(s). Kind of temporarily expanding your character inventory.


uh…I just found something kinda…did Aenea pass away? :frowning:

oh, yea i found the thread.


Yeah, she sadly did. It was about a year ago. There was an in game memorial and a wall was set up with vases and flowers, which is now gone. There are other memorials floating around (saw one on Raxxa) and of course the one at TNT.
She passed control of her stuff before the end.

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