Having a good day?

Hi all, I hope everyone is haveing a great day in boundless, sending some love to those who need it :smiley:
What are you all up to, what are you working on atm? Tell me if you feel like it <3

I myself am working om my road projects on both Refgar and Lamblis, so I have alot on my hand, and cant wait to be done so I can start hunting and mining :slight_smile:


Thanks!! :smiley: What a nice topic, throwing my love too for everyone, hugs all! :hugs:

I’ve got quite the project list right now! This is the great thing about Boundless, most games I love, I take breaks from, but with Boundless I’m just becoming more addicted and my project list keeps growing. :slight_smile:

Most recent add has been a Fallout Vault, which will be a very slow project admittedly, me and @Krollbar right now but we welcome any help!

Big building project currently has been work on my Gyosha settlement. I still have a lot of decorative stuff I want to build above ground, but have shifted my focus to underground areas, which will be the larger and more functional rooms - forge and storage and all that. With the new blocks coming, have put actual building on hold and focusing more on clearing, plus, I’ll be renovating some existing stuff with the new blocks.

On the above, also hoarding mats for the new blocks!

Of course, all my usual mining and gathering and exploring - exo raiding is a very big thing for me. New exo drops, I drop everything. :wink:


Certainly hoop every one else is also i am building the next part of tunnels and roads at my build having to change every block per layer to sedimentary brick. After that chiseling the tunnel ceilings about 30 plots.


Building is on hold for me atm until the update. Been doing some gathering/playing other games/brainstorming build ideas. I want to redo my main base but haven’t come up with a good idea to justify tearing it down yet


Having a rough day so getting some love from the puppies


Just finished a long shift, but once I’ve made my gin and tonic I’ll be having a great day (and day off tomorrow!!)
edit: will also be continuing my excavation in readiness for new workshop


Love to the Boundless communities across the known worlds!

Working on all sorts of things… various road projects are being worked on by our Axonian public works department… our scientists are busy trying to unlock the secrets of the monoliths being discovered, our most recent discovery of one on Till is certainly causing excitement in the Axonian science ministry! We continue to examine the volcano Mount Axon and its internal workings. The Erobian district of Axon continues some great work! The Cemetery of the Fallen reports some new burials this week. The Alamo near the old site of Majorvex’s Heuston is an interesting addition to Axon (though we still need wheels for the cannons!)…Heuston road to The Alamo is now complete! Axon also is pleased to announce the addition of “The Diabolical”, part of the Aryth district of Axon.

Come visit Axon, the Jewel of Biitula…



Whel thats nice found a new spot to slowly buy out the brick i need😉

Awwww they are so sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Been down with the flu for the past few days, as per usual for the shifting seasons up here in the north. :face_with_thermometer:

Nothing serious or anything, but definitely something preventing me from properly continuing the projects I’m working on in the game right now. :joy:

At least the cats are fantastic company. Here’s Mille, one of the young twin sisters we’ve got, sleeping at the foot of my bed with me. :cat2:


Hope you feel better soon! And what a precious kitty! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m pretty down at the moment, but my kitties ALWAYS make me feel better. :blush:


Same. Our four kitties here make everything so much better to deal with. Depression, anxiety or Stress pipe up? Snuggle with the cats for a little, and I feel a lot better.
So soft, so caring.

Our oldest, Cookie, almost always comes to me when I’m upset, and paws at me to get me to calm down, while also bumping her head at me.
She is such a good girl.


Loving the animal pics, I have 3 cats and a dog and the universe refuses to let me take a pic of all of them together. But here’s my two youngest Luna petunia and willow! Hope everyone has a good day


Too precious, @Ocfos and @Kaplah! :heart_eyes: Seeing cute cats and dogs always makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

Got a bunch of pics of my own babies here - :grin:

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Currently at work in the cafe, planning out my island project.

Lots of planning and rubbing out but I unknowingly brushed some rubber remnants into my coffee and drank them… Hope they dont make their way to my brain and rub out my ideas before I can get them on paper :scream:


glad to see I’m not the only one that does this. :grinning:

sometimes I use Google Sheets with the 8x8 plots shaded in. lol

Haha! Oh that’s a good idea, might see if I can download a pixel painting app - would be super useful

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Does it mean the same thing across the pond? lol I def wouldn’t say that out loud over here


It definitely does in Denmark, that’s for sure. :wink: