Having fun with planet names

I personally struggle with the pronunciation of some of the planets. But to make it easier and have a little fun I come up with some slang or abbreviations to help myself recognize them.

I know lots of other players do as well. If you have the time I’d love to know what others have come up with? (To keep this from being a word wall I’ll post mine later). Thanks for sharing! :wink:


Just 2 examples from very early days (no lvl 5 and 6 worlds then), that remained the same in my head:

Lasaina of AU server has always been Lasagna for me.
I also changed Delta Cancret to Delta Concrete on day one. Although I usually short it to Delta.

Boori I changed to Booring, but really just call it as is most of the time.

Since I play AU worlds most of the time and I started on Lasagna (:wink:), the US and EU worlds didn’t exist much in my head for first few weeks of playing.
So, ideas about them came later as I expanded my exploring and I might give some examples later (not to make this too long now).

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Minorengle = Minnow
Grovidias Te = Grow-vee
Norkyna = Norki
Malurialakrib = Mal-oo
Cephonex Merika = Mur-ka
Gyosha Ophin = Guy-ohsa
Shedu Tier = Sha-doo
Serpensarindi = Serp
Circarpous = serk
Seginiakai = Seskj32ih@are4fjdjds#j6js!ddsjkii
Delta Cancret = Delta or Delta Concrete




that was Serpensarindi for me for a long time :joy: now I remember how it goes, but I was twisting my tongue for months


I think Gyoza when I see Gyosha so I say the Gyo the same way. Makes a little more sense to me than guy


McRib, Bessy, Kol Hurooooooo, Shed-ooo

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Seginiakai = segena-yucky

Malurialakrib = MkRib or Malaria Krib

Houchus I = Hoochy

Serpenserendi = Serpen

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there’s some fun ones in here


Shed, 'Murika, McRib, Seoi Nage

I tend to change the names and abbreviations daily but this is what I refer to now;

Circarpous is Circa, Grovidias Te is Grov, Malurialakrib is McKrib, Norkyna has somehow evolved into Nacho, Houchy has become Houchy mama, Minorengle is Minni, Cephonex Merika is Mar’ka, Gyosha Ophin is Goishen Ofa, Shedu Tier is Shedu, Serpensarindi is Serp, Seginiakai is just Seg-eh, Delta Cancret is Delta or Can’t get, Pheminorum is Phem, Imdaari is I’m-a-dairy, Sochaltin I is Sochan, Lamblis is Lambs, Kol Huroo is Kol, Gloviathosa is Glov, Dzassak is just Dzzzzz, Finata is Fin, Storis II is Stories.

Then there were some Exo’s, but I really only remember the current one:

Skuumaadwab is Skum-wad.

Things I say in my mind when reading the planet names.

Land of the flaming Greek Cheese.
Cirrhosis of the liver
Merica(said in proud American voice)
Trung hole for your Bung hole.
Flan Bran 2000
Shed a tear. :disappointed_relieved:
Soooo chillin.
Hoochy mama!(said in frank castanza’s voice)


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