Heartbeat is a little annoyin'


I mine a lot, and so I regularly drop down to low stamina, so I’ve basically got a constant heartbeat that’s louder than the music and other sound effects an I can’t turn it off…

Be nice if I could turn this off.

edit Thank you @veitsi for clarifyin’ that, yes, the heartbeat starts when the stamina bar hits low every time even if I’m at full food.

Heart beat sound

it’s there to warn you you’re going to die if you lose a bit of health.
if you have the death penalty, just die and walk back (northwest)
if you don’t have death penalty you should probably eat till your stamina bar is full. that will give you full up and will regenerate your health :wink:


No, the heartbeat happens when your stamina is low also.

And because I mine a lot, the heartbeat is pretty common now, constantly making me think I’m dyin’.


so wouldn’t eating be a decent solution?


It keeps happening when the yellow bar reaches the bottom even when the food bar is at max


not sure what you mean by food bar… theres a health bar and stamina bar… food increases the yellow bar… I’m just confused.
also I haven’t logged in on this patch so i haven’t actually heard what you guys are talking about yet :S


When the energy bar temporarily depletes by using a hammer etc you get the heartbeat sound as well as when it’s maximum value reduces from not eating


I think that Heartbeat sound is way to intense for something as trivial as running low on Stamina.

On low HP it would totally make sense but at the moment it is just very very annoying and I always feel like my char is about to die when it plays.

Please fix :slight_smile:


Incredibly annoying for sure, hopefully fixed soon.

EDIT: A notification sound when you are low on energy would be nice something like a little beep or something, but also a way to turn it off or adjust it’s volume separately would be needed.


Yeah I think this should only sound when the max energy is about to be depleted and not by the stamina/energy itself. A few minutes in the game and I already hated this :joy:


When your health is very low it would be fine but not for the stamina, its got annoying very fast.


Thanks for the feedback guys, we’ll pass this on.


Not so great with hearth beat on stamina for example last night i was playing with my headset and it was on max , i freaked out a bit when the heart beats started and my room was dark I was feeling like playing an horor game , anyways game is great and fun this is just minor thing


Thank you :slight_smile:

If you want to recycle the “heartbeat” put it on low HP.

That would have saved me multiple times from dying with a health pot in hand. Where I died, not because it was a too difficult a fight, but just because forgot to check my Health-bar and there is no visual clue mid-screen and/or sound to warn about low health.


Why on low HP?

You “hear” your hearth pumping when you can’t no longer run, not when you get injured very bad. Why do you guys say it should be on low HP?
On injury the body releases adrenaline which makes the hearth pump faster but that is for action speed and reaction time, reflex, not to tell you that you are hurt, the pain tells you you are hurt :P, reaction which I really hope will not be depicted in any way in this game.
Low HP could be associated with noises and maybe window effects, which in this game and the fact that there are (or will be) a lot of kids playing, that kind of effects I do not recommend.

Hearth pounding is/should be a signal of too much effort, and for the need of rest.

With respect,


Hmm yes interesting points.

From a biological Standpoint yours makes total sense, but game-play wise we have been “trained” differently by the slew of games and movies before this one, automatically associating hearth-beat with panic/horror and death.


You don’t always need to be in trend, you can make the trend! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


And given the fact the this game will be played by a lot of kids… maybe we should not implement that association. :smiley:


I stand by my point but it’s the Designers’ choice to make in the end.


I agree. Your point is excellent.