Hello, I could use some introductory assistance. :)

Hi, I am a returning player for boundless. Hyped about the announcement. I would love some info on an ideal playthrough (guide) on a means of acquiring every point in the skill tree. Be they through something called skill pages? I was thinking I’d prefer to use one character. I don’t know how this all will work though or how much I need to spend in terms of cubits. Will I lose land plots options acquiring skill pages?

My main interest is to have a specific “class function” or gameplay style for each skill page, covering in total all the playstyles with all the skill points unlocked across the skill tree.

Can I generate infinite cubits somehow?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanced. :slight_smile:


There’s no level cap and you get cubits each time you level up. Basically what you aim for is leveling up enough to have atleast one skill page maxed out for your favourite exp gathering profession (with easy access to Gleam farms via the TNT hub you might want to focus on mining first) and the mass crafting ability.
There’s no need to worry about cubits.

What you might want to look for is a way to get money for new tools (especially gem ones). For doing so I’d recommend mining gems and fossils which are an easy source of income if you focus on mining anyway. Fossils can be either sold to other players or you craft them into essences via an extractor and throw them into a chrysominter afterwards which can convert any resource into coins.


Last question on this topic, I forgot to include in the original reply. Now I know I can be quite messy. They offer respec points in the skill tree, I think every level up they grant more. Do those scale? Like can I always have the opportunity to remove skill points? Or will I at some point run out of respec points. It’s been a while since I played, can they be bought for cubits?

Also thanks for replying, I appreciate your assistance. :slight_smile: Very useful information indeed. :+1:

The coin thing especially.

What is required to obtain the chrysominter on the skill tree? Just a quick info grab here? Thanks. :+1:

just ignore the respec points. It’s more likely that you’ll reset the whole skill page. Respec points and the skill reset both can be purchased with cubits if needed but you’ll accumulate hundreds of spare points later in the game that you probably won’t ever need.

The chrysominter is a placable device, you can just buy one from a player to use it in your base if needed. There are also coils which increase how many coins you get for the minted items.
I heard there are some public (coiled) minters but since I got my own one I got no idea who made his/her own one accessible for everyone.

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Okay, great news. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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oh, right…
If you actually want to go for mining as for first main profession this thread offers a decent guide and skill build example:

You can buy additional skill pages with cubits which allow you to switch between builds/professions later on. By doing so you could basically live without having to rely on anyone else.


That’s actually really useful, thank you. :slight_smile: :+1:

I appreciate the further help.

Do you need anything? Maybe some decent tools and grapple?


No, that’s very kind of you, very kind. I think I’ll try and take my own pace with the game, don’t want to trouble anyone with my needs and or desires. Especially because I play on an erratic schedule. I want to make sure I put to good use your tools. I’d rather make my own, so I won’t have to fret about not using your generosity to its fullest extent haha.

Thank you for your offer though. :slight_smile: Much appreciated.


Welcome back @CreatorDestroyer!

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Thank you, its great to be back., I was following this game’s development. As soon as I saw the Halloween update, I knew there was something afoot.

I knew from discord that there were “plans” of something brewing. From my previous inquiries.

Having the good news confirmed, brings joy to my heart. I love this game, and I am very excited to see what the future has in store for it.

Had bought the game twice, the deluxe edition (the one with the world creator) back in early access. One for my brother, and one for myself. Very satisfied with my purchases. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I get to see some of the wonderful creations of the community members out there, perhaps including yourself, should you have created anything you want to share. Also, maybe sometime we can also play together, I look forward to the idea of playing with fellow boundless community members!



If you want to max out every skill set, its going to require at least 2 alts because some things cant be maxed at the same time like food/brews and tools/weapons and will require separate skill pages.


Yeah IIRC in the current setup it takes 5 pages to have one character craft literally every item that’s craftable.

Some brutal advice:

  • Open one new character slot.
  • Put a character in it.
  • Use his very first cubits to open another slot.
  • Delete him(/her)
  • Repeat until 10 open slots.

At this time you have room for up to 9 new characters, and none of them will be burdened with the cost of having wasted cubits on a character slot.

Nightstar backs out slowly …


When I deleted my original character, I spent all his cubits buying character slots.



Love the name :sunglasses:

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If you want to use a crysominter full coiled you can use my on Pharaos Kingdom available TNT second floor or via RTG Main Hub .Just Register to the guild book in Front and i ll give you permission to use. No Need to have IT AS First guild . So feel free to let me know If you registered to give permission and to use IT.


This advice is TOO LATE FOR ME…SAVE YOURSLEVES…and your cubits.
Good life hack!

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Having more character slots instead of skill sheets might be more efficient cubit wise, but it can also be very frustrating. Having to logout of one character and into another just to switch what you are doing is a pain. You lose stuff in the myriad of character inventories, have to juggle permissions all over the place, have to join guilds multiple times, add friend requests multiple times. Blech.

Personally, for me, it was worth it maxxing out 5 skill sheets. It did not actually take that long. Now all my builds are on the same character, my inventory is all in one place, my friends are all in one place, my guilds are all in one place.

I hope that at some point in the future the skill sheet changes that were promised in the next build are added to the game to make using a single character less work than using multiple characters.

Oh I m not against skill sheets. As stated there, just to make a crafter you need all 5.

So if you want to do that you’re going to need some alts.

The point is to not have them come out of your plot budget.