Help: Defeated and Meteorite event failure?

I think you guys should not be trying to add so much stuff to public events like a meteorite. Where anyone can join, since any players near by can see/hear them drop. Keep them simple and basic. Once your team starts adding group events or group instances I think that is the phase where you need to be punishing the whole group for their short comings.
For a meteorite we should focus on individual’s punishment, reduce the players XP, or loot gain base on their efforts.

I think this might have been misread. The proposal is not about making this a closed group system. It is more about making meteorites more challenging for the public.


I prefer the timer as well - you could add a twist to it, in that you’re fighting against the timer before the meteor explodes. If you don’t beat the clock, the meteor is destroyed along with any loot, leaving a smoking crater in it’s place. Anyone too close to the explosion could also suffer an amount of damage.

I’ve never used this skill… it completely negates …

… in every single way for me.


I hear you Stretch, I wish we had more info on that

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I always like the good old death tax when you died and maybe a 5% item penalty. Alternatively I do like the idea of losing a small amount XP when you are defeated but not enough so you can level down. I am old school though.


Okay then deaths would probably not be the best being that it’s a public event and it could be easily grief. That’s better set for a close event. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t remember what game I’ve seen it but the XP reduction on current level. The XP reduction would only effect that amount gain to the next level once you reach that level you can’t drop down . This would work fine at level 50, since people probably want to level up and get precious plots so even when you’re max you don’t want to lose out on plots.

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The way I see it, the current death penalty on tools does this:

  • You either carry around one tool at a time so if you die and it breaks you go back to base and get your next tool (not ideal when you want to carry around your arsenal and switch between items on the fly).
  • If you do carry around your tools and die which results in you losing all of them you are effectively taken out of the game and you have to go all the way through the crafting tree again to catch up. That’s a pretty daunting tasks if you don’t have the resources on hand or you don’t have the coin to buy the items.

This is just a small suggestion, I think there should always be a death penalty that cannot be reduced to zero with skills, but I also think that the penalty should only apply to items equipped, not on everything in the inventory. So players would be breaking their weapons but if they prepared and brought a stack of slingbows they can equip a new weapon and continue on with the fight. As it is now players who lose their weapons are either warping out to buy more, missing most of the fight or hanging around hitting mobs with totems to gain experience and collect loot, without really contributing to the overall battle. Not gonna lie, I am usually the one spanking spitters.


But if events boil down to a timer and there is a negatable death penalty then it again boils down to a
“nuking mobs > survival” philosophy with players jumping in like


I agree. Just the weapons out, not the stack.

This may bring further issues if armor is involved however.

Agreed. Timers reward the warriors and then everyone is a warrior, it becomes a zerg fest and there is not really any reason for tanks or any other role.

I do like the idea of a timer on the meteors and it exploding. If it was determined by death count it would be more likely that Hunting parties would exclude new players. Have you ever felt the sting of rejection in an mmo where no one wants you in their party because you do not have the super elite ultra mega armor?


But the tanks keep everyone else from being a target, there will always be room for tanks.

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I see the points made on death counters putting more undesirable effects.

So I think my idea could work with just timers?

To prevent people from suicide jumping in, have a debuff that stacks? The more deaths in a meteor hunt, would make you basically a dummy. As you would do no damage or last long as a tank, making the suicide route not effective.

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I present exhibit A: FFXI black mage parties. Look i am joking, I know tanks are necessary. Timers don’t do it for me though. This is Boundless, not #everyotherkillthemobinxfashionmmo.


How the community hunts run now is very effective. James said the desire was to prevent solo players from slowly… Very slowly wearing down the enemy and defeating high level meteors intended to be fought with others.


I liked that because it bring the convo back to the point. I will dig my heels in tho. Why does a group timer have to be the solution to a solo guy trying to exploit a necessary stepping stone unto success to get where everyone else is. Just make the solo player’s task a little more impossible but not fully impossible. Why affect the group play in this manner?


Sharky and creegle. I LOVE anyone being able to do hunts. I FEEL that that should change for TITANS


I do like idea about personal ranking and how this could be extended widely to have planets based (like prestige world list right now) guild rankings that how active certain guilds have been on completing/losing/abandoning of found meteorites.
Time based meteorite exploding would be awesome and maybe there should be some sort of debuff introduced that disables warping and using portals if players for example stay near meteorite area when meteorite is going to explode, by completing it debuff would be gone otherwise warp/portal use disable debuff would stay active based on x minutes.

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Interesting conversation so far.

@luke-turbulenz instead of linking death penalties to EXP (which would have diminishing returns at higher levels) can it instead be tied to skills?

Right now, death penalty reduction is annoying because there are substantial investments made by players in (coin/time) to have their items. Keeping them in good condition is a main part of the game.

What if when you died (at any level) the result ‘froze’ for a time some of your skills?

This would impact all character types, since we all rely on skills. This could stack, freezing more skills if you die over and over.

This would be a ‘pain’ , but it wouldn’t provide a game advantage for reducing the death effect.