Help: Defeated and Meteorite event failure?

What I understood is, there needs to be a condition of failure.

Right now, almost anyone can go and complete a meteor, just with perseverance.

Meteors are supposed to spawn based on how many players are around when it did.

So normally a level 6 meteor isn’t intended for solo play. Is there any possibility for a solo player, well suited for meteor hunting, to defeat it and grasps it’s rewards? I hope there was, difficult and reliant on both preparation and players skills, for sure.

Even unprepared groups can do the same.

What I think James and the devs are asking. Are not to make the current meteorites impossible to complete. They’re asking for ways for them to be harder to complete or have more conditions for them to be complete. Obviously they’ll give more rewards in return.

I think so far. The best approach is to have a timer as the condition of failure.

  • Make it quick, extra loot.
  • Take your time, get same loot.
  • Take too long, good luck on the next one.

As for the death penalties.

  • I think death penalties reductions as a skill are better suited for another topic.
  • I think deaths in meteor hunts or death in general, should more than have the death penalty on tools, apply debuffs on your actions.
  • Making the pain of dying not so hard, but still demotivating players from dying too much.
  • Take for instance the rambo type of player, after a few deaths, he’ll be less useful. You could say after the second death he would have done his part.
  • Death debuffs could be solved by brews or foods, but I still think the death related to combat should be affected by a stacking timer. Meaning you die too many times, too soon, and still the debuff wouldn’t be gone, as you could apply a timers on brews and foods that take away those effects.
  • Death debbufs would be either, reduced damage done, reduced attributes or reduced xp gain.

It depends on the presentation on the time. A boring 10, 9, 8 timer is boring yes. But if it was more like the waves got stronger the longer the fight goes on and then if you don’t defeat the waves quickly enough they become too powerful to kill and if they aren’t defeated after an extended period of time it is game over.

That’s why you do one not both


What about a resource that allows you to go through the free warp in sanctuary. But home is always free.

Like spirt essences that get consumed as you walk through the free portal and they mitigate durability. SPIT BALLING.

@luke-turbulenz @Dzchan94 @Vastar @almund @tagris

As far as I’m concerned you guys have cracked it. It sound like we are revolving around some real answers here and I for one am happy with the basic conglomerate solution that has come forth.


What about a new type of enemy that targets un-beaconed player-created objects. For instance, right now one of the workarounds for hunts is creating towers for people to grapple to to mitigate carpet bombing damage. What if there was an enemy that once per wave came out and would be able to target and destroy un-beaconed, player created objects. (This way it doesn’t damage towns, etc.). That way the focus would shift from cuttletrunks to this enemy otherwise a huge defensive advantage could be lost quickly. Think spitter, but damaging blocks.

Call em reapers.

I don’t know if this was change from when Xaldafax was running the hunts but mobs use to come out a little faster, now they come in waves and they seem to stop until all mobs are dead from that wave. How about going back to having them come out as mobs die?
If the mobs are not kill fast enough why not spawn a mini boss. Too bad Ground Bashers are not coming any time soon, maybe a huge wildstock with lots of health?

I would love to do things like this.


Hoppers could do this. Give them environment destruction on detonation in and out of events. Make them target said structures on events. My concern is how to work around the random guy who comes to the event with a beacon to override this mechanic. Perhaps the hopper or whatever mob it is simply targets and destroys anything built in x radius of a meteor regardless of beacon status.

Cant wait for that one time it blows up someones bloodsweat grandsculpture on nash because i decided to aggro a hopper from a meteor there

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Death penalty mitigation rework

Biggest problem I have with death penalty mitigation is that it takes a lot of skill points to pick it up. This is a problem for two primary reasons:

  1. Low level or beginning players simply can not access this perk. These are they players who arguably need a death penalty mitigation the most.

  2. Investing hundreds of points to maximize death penalty mitigation hamstrings a players ability to invest points into other talents that would improve their game play experience.

My proposed change is to make a complete death penalty reduction available early and cheap, like in core skill tree. However, and this should be notated VERY clearly, taking this skill should completely negate luck and masteries.

After all… Fortune favors the bold.


I believe if this is implemented there needs to be a bit of a rework on mob abilities, for example if we are going to have hunters and death penalty gets revamped (Not 100% but slightly lowered? idk) then the cuttle explosions will be almost impossible to stay alive in. Even with max defenses some players die (the knock back on some bombs are super annoying and if I dare say you just ragdoll around until you die on higher level waves). We cannot just spec into tank to maybe survive, there should be a specified healing roll and dps roll in hunts which you have outlined in skills.

Bombs now just are scattered around wherever the cuttle is floating above, not specifically targeted at anyone, even if it were attacking a player it tries to throw bombs above said player but the bombs itself go almost everywhere. The AOE range is enormous for the aggro of one person. The entire team could potentially be wiped out in the explosion, defensive skills or not.

my ideas are as follows:

Death penalty specifications:

meteor participation could trigger as an aura around the meteor, if you enter you get a death penalty status which increases the penalty to the loss of durability on equipped weapons/grapples. This can also decrease your endurance’s or attack/dps skills. (by an increment of 1%, then 5%, then 10%, then 25% to a max of a 60% debuff loss to stats) this way it gives you a few times to die, but the more you do the harder it takes to complete in time. The 60% debuff is still doable even if its a 50% max then it would only slow the hunts down. Thus making the meteors time based for rewards would make sense, especially if he meteor penalty is a threat to completing it on time. I feel the durability penalty should be each death is equal to 10% of your items full durability (So you have a few chances of dying before your items break, I believe 10 is fair).

Aggressive Mobs Aggro

Aggro is very random, I understand the threat level skills arent exactly working right now however if one specs into one of the specs that lower threat. Attacks not specifically aimed at you should decrease the likely hood of getting attacked by random spitter bombs, wildstock clearly not trying to ram you, or attacks that are directed at you.


Diggers, tower makers, healers, etc need to not worry about random cross fire when doing their respected jobs, a healer cannot indicate the health of the tank in a fog of explosions. I feel that if you spec into a healing specific skill or two you should be able to trigger healthbars of certain people that you are supposed to keep alive. I also think it’s unfair if the healer needs to run into a field of bombs not entirely aimed at them in order to heal others.

To remedy this, either healing needs to be very long range, or healing spec skills should lower the chance of being hit by non aggroed attacks such as bombs not aimed or meant for them. If you ever saw a level 5 meteor it’s almost impossible to ‘get good’ and dodge that war zone of bombs after all. The healer class will feel almost useless, they also should get exp if the people they heal get a kill as I am sure healers primary focus will be healing instead of tagging enemies.

Diggers should get exp with creatures killed within the blocks they dug out, and the same with people who build towers. Players who kill from the towers or even tag from towers should give exp to the people who built towers. This encourages class diversity and participation.

Tanks should get exp if a creature who aggroed them died while still aggroed the them. etc.

Reboot should fully heal the player and negate durability damage. (As the time limit on reboot is apparently super long (?) if you level it up it could become stronger (aoe etc)

time limit

as someone else had specified the time reward bonus is a great idea, encouraging fast kills and discouraging people bringing in lower level toons for exp and loot. Much like other mmos, no one wants a level 1 in a level 50 dungeon.

also as someone else specified respawning at the nearest settlement will also resolve the issue of players just popping out and trying again upon death.


I like the idea of respawning to the nearest settlement, however, I would consider adding one element. Right now people can come and go from the hunt as they please. Regardless of the location of the hunt on a planet a player can warp to a friend in it. I would add that any player engaged in a meteor attack cannot be warped to. That way someone who dies has to run from that nearest settlement, or anyone looking to join has to run out there.

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As much as I hate (and sometimes ragequit) when dying with a fancy tool in my inventory, I find that there is a real sense of self-preservation while playing (without the skills). I think this is a good thing—it discourages players from repeatedly throwing themselves at challenging situations, and instead encourages them to find more creative ways of dealing with them.

I hope that whatever we land on preserves that sense of self-preservation (while hopefully avoiding the extreme frustration that we see today).

One take on a smaller modification to what we have today:

Fixed Durability Removal: Rather than removing a % of durability from all tools, remove a fixed amount of durability from one item of each type (or maybe even a selection of items at random; as long as it’s only some of the items in your inventory). Note that this should remove a fixed # of durability, not %. Items with higher durability lose less overall %.

Pacifism: As I understand it, the death penalty skills are really there to aid players that want to avoid combat. How about we go all in on that: modify the death penalty skills to dramatically reduce your effectiveness in combat (do far less damage, heal others for far less, etc).

Possibly even make it a single free skill, since it is pretty neutral. For example: “Pacifist: removes death penalty, causes most monsters to ignore you, reduces damage and healing (to others) by 95%”. Probably would need a cooldown on un/re-learning skills, so people can’t game it.


But just imagine the screams of fear when some players get trapped by the cuttles near the meteor as their friends run away! In all seriousness though, I agree.

That’s a ■■■■■■■ great Idea. I agree completely.


I agree that kind of pros and cons skill sounds very interesting.

I would say cons shouldn’t be as harsh as 95% given by @nevir. I imagine pros/cons skill bonus would preferably be bigger than its penalty.

So, if you get 50% death peanlty reduction from the skill, you would also get 25% penalty to your damage and healing.

What if more skills could work like that?
Tool Durability skills: less durability loss with each level but at the same time penalty to damage and critical chance. So, if the skill reduces durability loss by 40%, it also applies 20% penalty to damage and critical damage chance.

Any other ideas for pros/cons skills?


If you really want to limit the appearance of “suicide players”, please solve the “Acid attribute enemies” first.
Armor eroded players either flee to fight and let other players facing more dangerous enemies, or go die.

Looks you are only considered about meteorite
battle, but those enemies loitering around players residence?

And how about those non-combatants / newbie?

Oh I am a FACTORY of ideas. (Just, sadly, I prefer quantity>quality. My job to make them, others to find the good ones.)

Buff - 25% damage resistance,25% Threat level
Feeble - 25% More damage taken, 25% threat reduction
Pacifist - Take no damage from mobs,mobs will not target you,Hitting a mob will do no damage, but cause them to run away from you(Costs 0 skill points, can only be reset using weekly skill reset)
Tankish - 50% more health, 25% less damage, 25% Threat Level(Requirements: Max Health)
Sniper - +200% damage when farther than 10 meters (blocks) away, -50% fire rate(Of weapons)(Requirements:<5 dexterity)
Rapid - +200% fire rate, 25% more weapon durability, -25% damage.(Requirements:>5 dexterity)
Warrior - +25% health,+25% damage, - 25% move speed (In combat)(Requirements: Lance mastery III)
Madman! - 50% chance to not use bombs,+25% throw speed,-25% health,25% threat level(Requirements: Bomb Mastery V)
(Part of Madman! Skill tree, You may only pick one)
Double Trouble - You throw a Second bomb for free,+5 degree throw spread,+25% threat
Mirv’in - Bombs split into 5 smaller bombs mid-flight, Mini bombs do 25% damage.
True Chaos - You throw 2 MIRV bombs per bomb, +25 degrees throw spread, +50% threat,+50% self bomb damage (For those who value destruction over their own well being!)
Saint - Mobs will not target you unless attacked, +25% healing, -50% weapon damage(You may not have any weapon mastery.)
Scout - Meteors fall near you slightly more often,+25% speed,-50% threat,-50%fall damage,-50% health.(Requires:Max dexterity, Jump boost, Double jump)


Cool. Was thinking more about how to change some of the currently existing skills to that kind of pros/cons model. New skill ideas on top of that but you sure are a mine of ideas haha.

Example: current Inventory skill - each level is 4 slots more but could reduce your Speed at the same time (a bit not much).