Help for returning

Hi, I was returning after more than a year and I need a little help. I lost everything I had, 2 stores at giosha and 2 at nova golda (I’m sorry about aena), and all that I had at my home… so I have to start from the base. I have a little money to start.
I was reading about the Changes, but also there are things that I didn’t remember.

  • what is the best place to get resources (iron, gold, diamonds, titanium…), there are mines, exoplanets?.. in the past I remember that here at the forum there was a topic when an exoplanet appears… but I didn’t see nothing. And how I go to an exoplanet… I forgot how to do it.
  • I use to spent a lot of time with agriculture, but I didn’t remember too much about it, where can I find a little guide, or if you can tell me how I have to put the seeds, water, etc. I put my new home in circapous I, and I’m not very sure if is better to have there my fields and cover with cristal (for the wild creatures), or is better to have in a pacific planet an use portals to move from the fields to the home… in this case which planet do you think is better for the fields.
  • I will need money also, before I left the game I was earning money with the crysominter and esence… but I don’t know if this is a good method anymore. What do you think?.
  • I don’t remember too much about forging, where can I find a guide for it?.
  • I have discover that now there are private planets. Do you think is a good idea to have there a shop and a house, farm…?

And I think that’s all. Thanks!

Sell the essence not mint it- I haven’t played for 5ish months but I made literally millions by mining large fossils and then turning into essence. I think i sold for about 3 or 3.5c ea when I played and the stand emptied as quick as I could fill it. I would easily sell 50k a day. My prices were cheap and may well have gone up to 4c (a lot sold for that) since I stopped.

Used to get a ton of topaz too :slight_smile:

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Hi @FranMadrid,

Probably easiest those days is to gather/mine for stuff that people want.
You can use BUTT ( and look for buy orders. Than mine/gather, if you mine, the rock you can make it stone using crafting tables and than make doors and convert them in coins in the Chrysominter (you can buy one using BUTT:

Explore a bit and check what portal networks exist (I use in particular TNT) and you will find farms created by other players for easy access to gathering spots.

From here on… with this you should have enough money to buy what you need to build.


If you don’t know how to find a shop, go on that particular planet, open the Knowledge tab (hit Tab > Knowledge) and search for that item, once you click it, you will have a buy from/ sell too tabs, you can than click on that entry and you will get a compass marker.

go mining to Houchus or Galan ( or similar private worlds ) for sapphire / topaz. you will get a lot of iron and fossil there as well.

regular old glass is always in demand ( to make forging stuff)

i think there’s a farm school on Storis (?) with all you need to know (I don’t remember where exactly, but someone sure knows)

don’t get too attached to any private world unless it is owned by you or someone you know.

Thanks for your advice. And what do you think about the fields for agriculture. I should cover with cristals an create near my home or find a place in a tier 1 planet?.
What about the exos and the forge?.
Thanks for all

Exos are very rare lately. Nothing has changed with the forge.

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There’s a few public mines scattered around the portal network hubs on T5/T6 planets for gems, and @bucfanpaka has a whole network of sov planets with public mines which are really good with all the gem types. Metal ores, you usually get them as a side product from mining gems. Since they don’t really have a set area they spawn in as long as you’re deep enough on the right planet, you can just dig around on planets with high concentrations of the ore you’re looking for if you’re just looking for specific metal ore.

Exoplanets spawn randomly whenever the devs want them to. Once they ‘spawn’, they last a few days and can be accessed by warping to them from the closest planet they orbit (will require full points into warp distance epic). Usually me and @Soju-VB sets up free location tokens for them and 99c atlases within a few hours, you can pick them up to use as a warp destination if you don’t want to bother waiting around searching the sky to get a warp destination on them within the few minute timeframe they appear. T7 exos also have the three lucent gems, but they’re usually gone within the first three hours.
Not really worth imo as tools/weapons. More useful as expensive building blocks. ¯ \__(ツ)_/¯

There’s a farm school that shows you how to farm all the crops(minus goo, that’s complex and dependent on what you want). There’s a few portals there, but I only can remember there’s one at EZPZ hub on Maryx.
As for location, purely up to you. Just make sure cuttles can’t fly in if you’re on T3+ planets :slight_smile:

Generally selling to request baskets or from a shop stand will yield more coins than a minter. You can check prices from the BUTT tool for at what price people buy and sell things at, and on which planet. You can go to that planet after looking it up, and find it in the knowledge tab to get a waypoint there… or hopefully find a portal there. As for items that get you decent coins, things that are hard to farm generally sell well. Hunting loots, beans, leaves ect. Mining and selling gems get you a lot of coins as well.

There is a very good guide on forging to get started with, tho you will want to ask around and work out better ways to forge yourself if you want to go all the way into forging. It is also perfectly fine to avoid it like the plague like some people as it will seriously drain your sanity with bs RNG once you start forging more complex stuff, and forged goods are a lot cheaper nowdays. Most tools will net you far more coins than the price it cost to buy them. However, if you do decide to try forging, I strongly recommend trying it out on either the forge simulator or in a creative world (there’s a public one in TNT megahub, Janus II) before trying it with actual materials, as forge ingredients are NOT CHEAP, nor is setting up a proper forge with coils. Worst thing that can happen is dumping a few hundred thousand coins to get a full forge running to find out you don’t like it one bit.

That is entirely up to you. There are people that do like the solitude on their own planets. Just remember you will have to pay real money to spawn and fuel your own sov planet.

I would recommend against making a shop on one tho, quite a few people tend to ignore shops on sov planets as it is often a huge pain in the ass to find a way there. Only if you get good connections to portal hubs and advertise it a lot.


Wow. Thanks for all that info!

I offer help to new and returning players, with a gift of some coin, a gem grapple, a variety of machines, and some spark.
I remember how much I struggled when I first started, so I tend to make an effort make it easier for others.
Let me know if you need or want anything! :smiley:

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Yea I was the same way. I played back in 2018 and then stopped for awhile. At the time I had 6 months Gleamclub and thought I had plenty of time on my beacons. WELLLLLLL… I must of lost track of time and went back and lost EVERYTHING. It sucks. It really does. BUT thank god they have the Reclaim system. I think they should of had that from day one. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It probably didn’t occur to them. They probably figured that if people wanted to keep stuff, that they would keep refueling beacons. :wink:

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