HELP! Forge questions

The Chisel currently has the following Boons:

  • Ease - Boon Stamina Use
  • Lightness - Boon Action Speed
  • Longevity - Boon Durability
  • Glow - Boon Glow
  • Special - Boon Drop Attraction
  • Effect - Boon Change Block Type
  • Venerable - Boon Undo Chisel

Looking at this the Drop Attract on a chisel seems a bit useless, unless it’s held in conjunction with a tool that actually drops or loots / kills.

I want to add a new boon to the chisel and there are 2 options:

  1. adding it to a channel that already has a boon, or
  2. replacing the Drop Attract - which would make it much easier to forge.

Any objections to us switching out the drop attract?


I know alot of people that do use magnet on chisels as a loot magnet on hunts. What about the lightness action speed boon? Seems useless on chisel. I couldn’t imagine chiseling blocks at 1000 mph. Removing action speed on chisel seems more reasonable


I think there are some that use the chisel as a loot stick (although I could be wrong).

Personally, only speaking for myself, I have no problem with it being dropped.

I’m also intrigued as to what the new boon might be :slight_smile:


In recent hunts we started using battle chisels, to make rough terrain more easily climbable


@Gorillastomp and I would like a word with you

But really the action speed needed is met with speed brews, so idk. Probably fine either way


Auto harvest chisels are super helpful in hunts, I’m not sure that we should get rid of it

( I agree with @Ratchel )


i want it faster, never reduce chiselling speed.


Learned that from @Ratchel :+1:

As far as loot chisels go, they’re nice. We CAN put magnetic on other stuff though, so it’s not like losing it would be that tragic. Keeping it would be no more annoying than trying to forge AoE hammers, so that’s also not terrible. :woman_shrugging:

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Speed brews and chisel sounds good…since there’s not a magnet brew haha. @Gorillastomp bring it!!! :kissing_heart:

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Switched to a shovel for a loot stick either way is fine by me.

Seriously, if speed brew stay the same i do not mind removing action speed, but i think magnet is more useless in that list.

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If we can still put looter on other stuff then, I might be ok with it

( I don’t like the idea of removing things :frowning: )


I would think drop attract would be replaceable, since so many other tools can get it too

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Never made a chisel with that boon, normally I use a grapple and almost exclusively totems. But a chisel doesn’t have a business in my inventory when hunting or even mining anymore.

If it makes the new boon easier to forge I say go for it. (Of course people who already forge this may be against it, maybe allow those chisels to retain their boon, but no longer be forgable)

If you are going to add a new boon that allows us to do something new/useful, it might be a good thing.
Or put it on lucent gem chisels? or…

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Agreed. More options is usually better than fewer options.

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Or add a new metal like tungsten or steel to apply it to?


If you add light and magnet on the grapple, you can have magnet on the chisel. :slight_smile:

Ooo new metals :smiley:

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Ooo, something for that titanium - gem gap?