HELP! Forge questions

Depending what the future holds, we might end up with some tools being as complicated as Special Gums and slingbows.

Oh definitely lol. I’m not 100% opposed if the boons get too crazy.

Adding more boons without removing some would just making forge RNG worse.

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I do use a block changer chisel with it, convenient when mining gems, but I can certainly live without it, no big deal if scrapped! :slight_smile:

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I think that, either way, the correct thing to do is to have the new boon in a boon category that makes sense for whatever it does/alters, so I’m not sure saying that it could go in lightness for instance would make sense, if the new boon was being planned for special, then it’s probably because that’s the category that makes sense for the new boon.

Though I don’t forge chisels to have magnet, I don’t know if removing the boon is the right choice. I would say it could depend on what the new boon is meant to be.

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I use chisel loot magnets… the stone ones both have better durability and flexibility than other stone tools so they are noob forger friendly.

I also really like that it has the “highlight” frame than that gives a bit of feedback on exactly what block I’m targeting and if it is in range. Truth be told I’ve tried off and on to mod this effect on to tools so I wouldn’t need a chisel/block in my off hand for this effect but my casual inquiries have yet to produce any results ><

It isn’t a deal breaker or anything if looting is removed from chisels… but I might forge some extras assuming the effect isnt removed from chisels retroactively :wink:


Yes, if you do decide to remove it @james , please give us a warning so players can make some of the previous kind :+1:


I’ve used chisels as a loot stick for a long time, had normal metal chisels in same stack and thus always on me. Now I switched to Wayfarer Totems since I can then also carry a solidifier and non forged ones which are excellent for building on low level planets.

I do agree with others that the action speed one is one that seems better to replace.

The only thing I’ve ever successfully forged was chisels with light and loot. This change would mean I’d need to try something different. Good.

What if the new boon is “Reservation Breaker”?

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lol :+1::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Lucent gear has low flexibility and is thus hard to forge plus then right away an end game item as well. Depending on the boon being added that might not be what you want

You’re totally right. Forgot about that.

If they are running out of space on current tools, then maybe we could get a new T3 (as mentioned) with these metals:


Would love new metals!

@james if you’re removing it from chisels please be a dear and remove it from hammers, shovels and axes too, would save some frustration :joy:


I like how you worked that into there…smart thinking!

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Personally I think looter is better on totems since you can use them for revival as well.

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Aoe chisel???


I’d rather magnet was moved to its own boon category then, such as let’s say “attraction” (could be used for the fists’ auto-grabber boon too), rather than straight out removal.

I mean, there’s a glow boon category, so it’s not like there couldn’t be an attraction category if the point is to alleviate the dual-boon issue within a specific category; maybe the gums would need iron. :man_shrugging:

But the problem I’d have with my own suggestion of adding another category is that it actually feels silly to me to keep adding categories, since it would get out of hand pretty quick, and the forging materials section already feels bloated as it is…

And as I said further above, I think this all depends on what this new boon is supposed to do, exactly.

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Im a bit torn about magnet on chisels.

On one hand, it does feel out of place in that it inherently has no benefit for the tool on its own, and often makes it relegated as an offhand for non-chiselling activities for the ‘free’ (i.e: not on your active weapon or tool) boon slot it offers. This can be seen as a balance issue too, as once you have a magnet chisel you have no reason to get another so long as you dont actually use it for its original intent.

On the other, I like being able to do stone or wood magnet chisels, as these are the only tool types that happen to keep the color of the materials you use (as opposed to being strictly metal/gem). It makes for more personalized lootsticks and offers variety as well.

Magnet itself I see used in three situations; Mining (especially vertical mining), Lumbering (leaves or trunks), and Hunting (to save durability on tools), with edge cases of aoe shoveling and building high in the air, etc. In all cases i can think of however, it’s more efficient to put it on an offhand tool to flick to when not using your primary tool.

Thematically, I feel like the boon should be on totems (literal lootsticks, and they get use during hunts reviving folk, though the low efficiency makes it a bit of a pain), axes, hammers, shovels and grapples. – the latter since it already can grab dropped blocks and you could make an arguement of imagining the shot projectile being magnetized and vacuuming things up.

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I personally don’t like magnet on my chisels. Keep hitting blocks and losing durability. But it players are making good use of them during hunts I don’t think we should that away.

I vote add it to a second channel. Or replace the ease channel if that makes sense thematically. Does anyone actually use ease on chisels?