HELP! Forge questions

Alternatively, the forge can be reworked to eliminate RNG and just consume more resources to produce guaranteed results. Pick the boons, the levels, insert goops and gunks and blammo, a shiny new whatsit.


a forge chisel that rotates blocks so you can get the pattern going in the right direction.
not sure about AOE chisel. a 3x3 that will chisel the same as what you look at on the center block to the outside ones if it can, if it can then nothing happens to the other blocks.

yeah chisels are an option for loot sticks, i guess if this is removed we still have spanners!

I use gem chisels that I typically forge with durability and energy drain reduction, since both bonuses are useful for me in the long run when I’m doing my chiselling work.

Personally, never used chisels as loot sticks so i wouldnt mind. My loot stick is a spanner with light/magnet/diving quirk. Why a spanner? Never loses durability if you mis-click (unless you mis-click while facing a machine which is nonexistent in the battlefield).


If the drop attract boon is changed/removed, do chisels already forged lose the boon?

I’m pretty sure if you spanner air it loses dura now. It was fixed in the past but pretty sure it appeared back in game couple updates ago. Remember seeing it on a recent Jiivita video. Not 100% sure if it was fixed after that.

Last time i tried (like a month ago?), it wasnt losing dura. Even if it does, thats some 1k+ mis-clicks xD.

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I more want to know what the new boon would be. It may be easier to decide on what to take off or if to just add it to a gum

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I have auto loot on my shovel for the hunts

The new chisel boon could be for the new glass did anyone think of that ?

Could be exciting more than a loss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Woooo do you think so? Might be true. Why a specific boon for glass though?

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Maybe the boon could change the glass effect or style like with transformation boon just guessing here :smirk:

Just wishing good things :pray:

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Crazy claws - crazy ideas (lol).

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i use ease on stone changer chisel cost 0 energy to use.

I want unforgeable chisels!!! Why cuz the world needs to burn. Sorry I had to. I still can’t use gem chisels cuz ps4 R2 full squeeze is 4 to 99999 chisel swings with a gem chisel.


Ah this seems fairly simple. Even though I use magnet chisel on my hunter, i’d be ok making another tool to off hand. May have to just forge another gleambow totem offhand like i use on my main. Would be one less inventory spot.

You could even raise the flexibility of totems if you’re feeling generous :smile:

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Yeah speed on gem chisels is a bit crazy.

I normally forge loot sticks out of tools and use them as needed. So, I would be good with it being removed from chisels.

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Replace it.

A “loot Stick” can be made from anything else. Such as Totems.

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I would prefer that it wasn’t removed. My miner uses a changing chisel with auto loot and light in his off hand to easily change out gem types when mining. It also helps with aiming since it highlights the block you’re about to hit.

Perhaps create a new gum for auto loot, removing it from special gum - I know a lot of forgers would be all for that!


But so can a glow stick so why not drop that? Most miners have glow epic. I know I do so can just worry about mag and tool

I do have glow epic, but as far as I know, none of my friends do. I don’t think removing existing boons is going to work properly while everyone uses them for different reasons that each have their own merits.

Really, the forge needs to allow for targetting specific boons in a way that still requires the gums but that lets you choose which of the boons in that category you are trying to target, giving a better chance at that. Could be done at an interface level, though the forge is one of those things that is already pretty complex even at UI level…