HELP! Forge questions


That’s what grapples are for


Just sometimes that elite wildstock or booger from a spitter is just a little quicker then the grapple lmao


Lol…grapple a high spot before they come push there head in to your back. Grapple with loot works.or a fist with loot…I see no need for a chisel loot stick at all. But saying that I am open to how others might want to play


Personally I have no problem with auto loot being removed from chisels as I always made my starter loot sticks from spanners. But no doubt this would upset a number of people so I would recommend not changing it.

@wakeNbake me if you ever make a thread asking if I want loot magnet removed from hammers though please!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This please!!


I personally use spanners as loot magnets so this change wouldn’t affect me too much.

If you are thinking of a new boon for chisels that helps builders build than I’m all for it. Especially since building and creativity are such big things in this game.

I think a lot of people do use loot magnets. This could even open up the option for a new specialty tool that is meant to be a loot magnet.

A lot of people including myself don’t like how often the attraction boon comes up when forging tools. I don’t know if this is a design decision but I’d be happy if attraction boon came off of tools as well.



Chisels aren’t just chosen because they are easy. They are the ideal cheap loot stick to make.

Chisels are the only item that has only 1 special boon. As a result, if you use special gum, you will always get loot sticks.

With other tools (and spanners) you may get AOE which increases the cost to make the loot stick.

I think many of us would prefer to use Totems as loot sticks, but the low boon conversion + the double special option means it isn’t cost effective to make them.

If you do decide to remove loot sticks from chisels then please keep in mind you are removing the cheapest and easiest loot sticks in the game. Also, if you add another option to special for Chisels you are making them just as expensive as the other tool types.

ON A TOTAL SIDE NOTE…if you remove AOE from spanners (which hasn’t worked since release) then a spanner can become the new loot stick :wink: lol Or just allow AOE spanners to work hehe would probably make people happier.


I hadn’t considered that about chisels and it’s a great point to make! Why did I muck around making spanner loots ticks as a newbie dammit!! lol

And AOE spanners, yes please rather than remove it… But then I would sometimes even like an AOE chisel (so that I can accidentally chisel 9 blocks at a time incorrectly in case your wondering! lol)


Seconding this bit >.> would loooove for AoE on spanners to get fixed.


Probably not, I still have some bombs left from the bomb mining era with “interesting” boons like hunger

Edit: back on topic, I also use a loot spanner, but the chisel logic having only 1 special is very relevant. wouldnt be a disaster though, there are easy ways to get only loot magnet if you’d want even on a 2-special item without wasting AOE boon points… like, there’s a whole gum for that :wink:


Just turn machines like spark generators .one hit the block is fixed. But being honest i dont think spammers should be in the game. I dont play games to keep fixing stuff. It’s a game why am I fixing machines so much. It’s kinda stupid


That’s a waste of 5 skill points and since I carry a loot stick already I always add light to that lootstick too…


Exactly this…

So many better ways to spend those 5 points. I’ve never taken the light epic on a single build.

Actually no, I lie, the only character I have it on is my builder as he spends a lot of time swinging from a grapple and making chisel mistakes… wish he had 4 hands so I could carry a chisel, an unchisel, a grapple and a lootstick/torch all at the same time.


It is favored by some early hunters for the fact that a chisel makes running up certain slopes easier during battle, and a flashlight loot stick on top of it. I use spanners now instead for my flashlight loot sticks, I like the way they look better and they don’t have an opportunity to loose durability while hunting.

I honestly don’t mind if loot magnet is dropped from chisels just covering what I know some community members use them for.


I’d prefer magnet on a grapple to just about anything but for some reason we can’t have that.


Could you also fix AOE Spanner at same time^^


I disagree that are the only two options.

  1. add a new gum that contains this
  2. don’t put this function into the ruddy forge, and create a new item.

I don’t know what it is you want to add on to the Chisel, but depending on what it is and if it can make sense to do so, I really suggest just making a brand new item for us to craft, i feel that would be more exciting then yet again reusing current items for more stuff.


I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that this is about AoE chisels… I hope I’m right because that’s amazing, but I also agree with this:

Posted about AoE chisels a while back:

I get that it might also be weird for consistency’s sake if AoE/Multishot on an item doesn’t come from forging Special, but the existing AoE boon is already somewhat awkward with its “highest level is basically the worst” and would be even weirder on chisels (aside from transformation ones).

Of course that’s just speculation and assuming it would be the same AoE boon we’re used to, I’d love to hear more details on what this is actually about, context matters!

About loot magnet chisels, I’ve never used them since it saves inventory space to go for something that fits in a smart stack (totem/fist for hunter, hammer for miner, etc.), so I personally wouldn’t mind seeing it gone.

As many have pointed out it is great for newer players but let’s be honest, is a new player more likely to understand what types of Special boons can roll on which items, or more likely to just buy a loot magnet? I also think it could simply be resolved by removing the AoE boon from spanners for now.

Anyway, if you’re looking at forging please consider fixing some of the more simple issues that have been plaguing us:

  • Remove Effect Adjacent for Fists (while it isn’t doing anything)
  • Remove Effect Adjacent for Spanners (while it isn’t doing anything)
  • Fix stability warning popping up when stability > 55 with protection paste
  • Fix stability warning not popping up when stability = 110 without protection paste
  • Make Regenerate World exclude Damage Boon and Defect (just like the Venerable boons already do)


No objections, build your equipment in any way that you see fit. That being said here are some of my thoughts…

  • Chisels are generally used as a "loot stick’.
  • Loot sticks are “essential” equipment for meteor hunting. If you’ve never tried to manually loot 50+ corpses without a loot stick yet then you simply don’t understand. It is not possible to manually harvest animals on meteor hunts and still keep up with the hunt. A good loot stick is REQUIRED gear, this is not optional.
  • I find that generally I like to use Loot Attraction along with Glow on my loot sticks which makes them more helpful and provides significantly better light than a torch would.
  • The final stat can be whatever you find useful, I have a particular set of tertiary stats I like to use but won’t bother with that list here as you could literally put any stat in this slot that you were after.
  • I will say that adding Action Speed to your chisel is pretty much a pointless stat. If you are using it as a loot stick then action speed is irrelevant. If you are using it as a chisel than having it be too fast means you are likely going to accidentally hit blocks more times than you intend to adding to extra actions and wear on your tool that simply aren’t necessary, the default speed is more than fast enough for any normal actions you are doing with your chisel.
  • Loot sticks are already super easy to forge, so no need to worry about the complexity.
  • For actual chisels meant to be used as a chisel I don’t bother forging them at all, there is really nothing in the forging options that makes them worth forging for use as a regular chisel.

Stamina - not needed
Lightness - not needed, likely to be counter productive by making you swing too fast.
Longevity - useful for a chisel, not really useful in a loot stick which never takes damage.
Glow - useful, I like to use this for my loot sticks.
Special - useful, I like to use this for my loot sticks.
effect - special use
venerable - special use


I use drop attraction on my building chisels (A LOT). If you go to remove this boon please give us notice so i can make several hundred ahead of time. …action speed for chisels sucks though. Feel free to remove that one. :grin:


@james in my opinion magnet is on too many things in the forge as is.

I would propose taking magnet away from the boon pool on everything and just making it and glow tiered 1 point skills up to 3 ea.
Taking autoharvest/magnet and putting it with the glow epic.

This may not be a popular suggestion and I’m ok with that. I’m all for more utility on the chisels.

That being said I have seen some pretty creative uses for the magnet boon on a chisel in this thread.