HELP! Forge questions


@james my opinion it would be good on chisel to combine light + magnet together into one boon. this would be very useful for hunts and in building.


Like a Glow/Mag gum! All in One!


Honestly as a miner I use Auto loot on the chisel exclusively for my Transformation - Auto Loot - Glow chisels I do not want auto loot removed from chisels please.


If we are talking about modifying the boons for the chisel, I would say drop the glow boon and add the AOE boon.

I have been working on my new house and I am using marble for it. But the color I need is not in metamorphic, so I am slowly change chiseling all the refined stone from igneous to metamorphic. Just so I can make the color marble I desire for my house. It would make things a hell of alot more efficient if I could change chisel a group of them at once rather than change one at a time.

P.S. Also pretty please fix AOE Spanners, it has the boon on it but it can’t repair multiple coils, still only one at a time.

XOXO - Danigon


Replace drop attraction.

Stop using chisels on hunts. Use some useful.


I would love to see drop attract on grapples.

Since it is always nice to have a grapple on.


If we don’t replace the Drop Attract on the Special channel, then we’ll add it as a second boon in: Special or Effect or Venerable.

Replacing the Drop Attract makes all boons easier to target - at the cost of removing the Drop Attract, which is available on other tools and IMO doesn’t make sense on the chisel. (As the chisel can’t create drops.)

If it’s added to the Special or Effect or Venerable then one of these channels will have 2 boons - at the cost of them being harder to target.

We’re not considering any other options at the moment - as the aim here is to add a small feature - and not reboot the forging system. Adding a new gum raises the question about what it does on other tools, etc.


A block rotation boon for chisel!!! PRETTY PLEASE !!! My eyes go crossed getting some of the patterns to layout properly!!


My first loot sticks were hammer and shovel. After half a year I still have them.

The lootstick from a chisel is super easy to make. In addition it can last forever. Sure everyone likes easy stuff with endless lifetime, but I do not think it is the right way.

I second these opinions:

Removing magnet from a chisel, consider removing it also from a spanner… its the same. And kind of weird that all hunters run around with chisels and spanners.


Is this the light adjust chisel you are talking about after the lighting update that lets you set the light level of gleam?

If so, could you put it under Venerable? It would be constant with where all the other new effects go that changes what the tool does.

Makes Transformation Chisel
Door Open/Close Spanners

Seems to make sense there…if that is what you are looking at ? Heheh


No it’s for a new set of voxel shapes.

We were thinking about doing the brightness change via a spanner.


Magnet or new voxel shapes…i think the decision is pretty simple imo :joy::speaking_head:


what type of new shape is it, maybe you could use lucent chisel ?


In that case just add it to a current boon, Removing options from players by replacing something is going to annoy some players who gotten used to having their tool done the way they like it.


that as well would be fabulous :slight_smile:


Super precision chisels!!


Absolutely not. I like them together.


Auto Loot on chisel is nice to have because if you’re breaking blocks with the hammer you can pick them up with the chisel. That’s my current setup for when I’m doing the fine detail work.

Since it is the cheapest loot sticks to make, I personally would be fine with that new boon being added in. I am a forger, but chisels are so easy that one more boon to them would bring them up to the next lowest level of spanners (but still be useful and not have broken boons)

I’m ok with that raising the floor, just don’t raise the ceiling on anything lol.


Hm, mayhaps it will be glass / window related?

I believe the term you’re looking for is MagLight :stuck_out_tongue:


You have made my whole week :slight_smile: hehe