HELP! Forge questions


Hi james, honestly, ill roll with whatever you want to do. Its true that i could add loot to my building hammers and axes. This would not be hard to do.


True! we will roll with it…as long as it does THIS!!!


Would be nice if it was added to the bombs too. I know I’d come back to playing if it was. But it being on just spanners won’t change anything for me. I won’t take down walls/floors to get to the lights to have to rechisel everything. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t want to destroy their work just to rebuild it exactly to the same point.




Actually it’s 520 new shapes, when you include all the different permutations…

Special prize for anyone who can guess what the new shapes are.


They have to be rounded shapes with corners and columns and posts and things to make large spheres. rite? Please?

The only prize i want, is a high five from a Dev. that would be cool.


Half slopes? (Slab sized)


Oortmas has come early! :heart_eyes:


Angles less/more than the 45* and 90* angles we have currently. Which would allow us to get crisper/finer images while using less block space.


Give us circle chisels and i’ll give you first pick of the fire breathing baby aliens after the area 51 raid


I’d be happy with 1/16th scale chisels myself


Way back in time I did ask for HalfSlope Blocks
Maybe … the Great Boundless Oortian is going to fulfill my request :grinning: :+1:


It’s panels, for the new glass!


That’s my guess too ! :smile: I was trying to count all variations and permutations per normal “square” chiseled block, coming to 255 (incl. full block).
Same shall be for beveled, excluding “slabs” and excluding full block so 248
and slopes use only 4 corners so its 15 - 1 for full block = 14
Together 517. close enough :slight_smile: (there is some mistake in the slopes i guess)


Maybe it’s going to be even more precise chiseling, For Example:
Square Chisel - 4 voxels to work with
Precise Square Chisel - 8 voxels to work with
Super Precise Square Chisel - 16 voxels to work with?


Flat Panes


curved chisel, acts like stone chisel but curved edge
basic triangle chisel shape

(square+slope chisel chiseling ability?)


Couldn’t this be added to beacon options? To make it easier for everyone that needs to adjust their lighting of the settlement.


6! = 520

… and there are 6 types of chisels

hmmm… thinking out loud, I mean on paper, I mean in a forum reply isn’t helping?

But I’ll hazard a guess anyway. Probably thinking about it way too hard, haha

Is is a reverse chisel? That allows you to extend the chisel shape from the selected edge into the next block?

I.e if I have 2 different colour blocks side by side. I copper chisel the seam of one to make it a half diagonal block, I “reverse” copper chisel the same seam on the full block to make it fill the space removed from the other block allowing us to effectively have 1 block with 2 colours/textures so I can finally make my 45 degree roads!

edit: not sure of the exact terms but hopefully you get the picture I’m trying to paint


That could work, but some people may have different areas they want to be dark and some light. I think if we could have it on the beacon level, plot level, or block level would be perfect but that may be asking a lot :sweat_smile: