HELP! Forge questions


So beacon settlement light setting on a whole…but also a spanner to adjust certain spots?


Yes and a forged beacon plotter to do the whole plot :joy: too much?


This thread is getting me soooo excited. Im dreaming about the expansion in building options! …REALLY EXCITED!


How many guesses do we get :joy::joy:


Polyhedral shapes and basic 3d geometric shapes.


Will we be able to chisel voxels to look like oddly-shaped turnips?


I’d say circle/oval shapes. Hit the new boon on a block and it rounds it. Bigger poles and beams. Takes up the whole block size.


Hey Everyone.

Thanks for your comments - they’ve been really helpful.

Removing the Drop Attraction from the Special category and adding the new boon in its place would be cleanest. As this would then allow all the chisel boons to be targeted independently. However currently no other tool or weapon can so easily target the Drop Attraction boon. We don’t want to disrupt this. Maybe if we were tidying all the gear and boons this would be a worthwhile change. But that would be a much bigger effort. So for now, we have concluded that the new boon will sit in the Venerable category alongside the Undo Chisel boon.

Thanks again.



Would it be possible to show the boons you might get for the gear you are forging while hovering over the gum in the forge? It would make it much easier to learn the forge instead of guessing if something is a special, effect, or venerable.

Also, does the amount of gums used change the odds of getting your targeted boon? It would be nice to see the odds too. Might make missed booms less frustrating if we know we could get it to say 75% odds.


This type of info would definitely be highly appreciated amongst a large chunk of the community I think. It would go a long way in helping more people understand how the forge functions and when and why to use certain things aside from the whack’a’mole process many seem to approach forging with.



It’s on my TODO list to really dig into the Forge and review it.

It may feel like a good idea to expose more data about it - but this will just push the system more and more towards a spreadsheet simulator.

Roughly speaking the more meta data you present about systems the less the system is working.

But - there is a clear message that the forge is v. hard to get into - and I’m genuinely impressed when I see players who have worked everything out themselves. This thread has highlighted quite a few issues that clearly need attention.


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Soz to be that guy, but 6! is 720, not 520


lol, no apologies needed I don’t mind being corrected. This is what I get for doing maths in my head! I was totally clutching at straws with the theory anyhow and it was totally flawed despite the terrible attempt to math.


Probably for chiseled glass


Could it be ultra precise chiseling? (Doubling the chiselable spaces on a surface, a cube would have 4 slabs of 4x4 in it) Would work with all shapes, I dont have it in me to math how many new shapes that would give us




Just by showing what boon options the tool has, and which gum you can use to increase the chance of getting that boon would make it so much easier to understand how the forge works. The simulator I made shows the relative chance you have of getting the boon with the current gum setup and that has increased my forge understanding by at least 283%


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