Help getting to shopstand

Hi guys,

On pheminorum, there is a shop called compact clay, its fully enclosed when running to it, how do I get inside to buy compact clay?

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its against the rules if its fully enclosed, report the beacon


Bury under it, return to sanctum, bump your warp. Might need a couple trys, this could work :slight_smile:


So there is a portal inside, but it is still very inconvenient for people using the shop finder. And running 3k to find no entrance.

It goes to Phoenix rising.

The one door leading to the room was locked.


Report it that’s not allowed


If there’s a portal that leads there then it’s not breaking any rules unless there’s a door in front of the portal that’s locked. Of course if it’s one of those shops that works like the old locked door I’d think it falls into a slight grey area

Oh and also if it’s a 2x1 portal that’s 5w of fuel that could have been in there and the scanner update was 26days ago which means there’s a possibility the person doesn’t know there’s been a change.


yea i think people are getting a little to report happy here OP never said if he found it via the shop scanner its 100% fine to have a closed off shop its only against the use of the scanner ToS to have appear on the list and not be accessible.

I’m going to assume they found it on the shop scanner, since they know there’s shops in there.

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My friend built a shop on a far off planet this way. They didn’t see a problem with it until I pointed it out. They built the shop in their workshop and it was completely enclosed except for a portal that would sometimes close. I told them to put a door somewhere at least.

I think shop keepers should try to look at everything through a shopper’s point of view. How accessible is the shop? Is it easy to locate the entrance/exit? Is there enough lighting? The same with shop stands being vertically stacked, with signs on them, etc. It can be an unpleasant experience. Good design includes good functionality.


Standing right against the wall and bump yourself would work as wel :grin:


I don’t think this works anymore (I’ve tried it lol)


I did yesterday haha worked for me like 4 out of 10 times, good if u cannot dig down tho but takes probably more tries over digging down and bump, then again if u dig down and bump u could end up on the roof, I have not tested yet if this is block or plot related?

It use to be easy just to stand next to the wall you wanted to go through and bump. Usually worked the 1st or 2nd time. I feel like I was able to get through via a ceiling fairly easily, but not lately. After 4-5 tries I quit trying. I did bump into a place a few days ago, but it took a lottttt of bumps.

They also ran 3000m

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I found the shop stands via scanner and ran 3k. I didn’t know there was a portal inside until I bumped my spawn inside. There was a door but its locked or has permission tied to it.

Not really a big deal, I just did a soft report ( if that’s a thing) just to have a door to outside for scanner users. That’s what I used.


We do put alot of our extra materials that don’t fit into the bank storage blocks into shop stands since they hold a ton more.

My guess is this stand might be in the city bank. In that case, yeah, there definitely will not be a public door to it.

I’ll pop on now and see if I can find that stand and turn off the scanner setting on it.

My apologies!!!

Please let me know if you find anymore like that around our city and I’ll try to get them sorted out immediately! Thanks!


As long as you put absurd prices on these sorts of shop stands shouldn’t they sort to the bottom of the list on scanner?

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No worries, the stands were accessible only by the portal in the Phoenix rising hub, with compact clay on the sign. I didn’t know though at the time.

It looked like a valid shop to me. Just no outside door for runners.

Hahaha I do that at my house …99million per exo gleam

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This is what im seeing now. So it must have been changed already