HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


Let’s not forget people are going to have a lot of block changing to do when farming drops. Color change concepts are on the way. Plenty of distraction while the farm grows!


I’m sincerely hoping the machine also has a chisel slot and will auto-change the inserted blocks.


Something like this , yes. I’d suck a little less at building if I could just craft precut blocks. I know the chisel lets you mold as you go and what not but my mind just has a hard time with that. For me, it’d be easier if I could craft x amount of pre-chiseled blocks. Hell Id buy em even but it’s just not an option in the current game.

Nevermind how I feel about it, I’m sure those who chisel would be happy not having to chisel every block and then undoing mistakes and what not.


Oh I was thinking of type-changing, but maybe it could do both! :blush:


I missed this thread the first time around and now can’t vote, but I’d say 8-12hrs on the fastest. I think it is important that people can get a good nights sleep without feeling like they are playing sub-optimally.

For the slowest I’d say 1-2 weeks, hopefully with some maintenance that you do along the way to get the most yield when it’s done. In any case, please make the longest exact multiples of 24hrs so people don’t have to do math to figure out when to plant if the want to harvest at a certain time.

Looking forward to this, and hopefully it will be implemented in a way that doesn’t turn farming into simple more plots = more stuff.


As a farmer i would like to see some high end materials have a longer ‘germination’ period then the lower end, even on a lower end harvesting once daily is fast, really really fast.

Considering amount of crops and micro management, having a week for max time and 2 days for lowest would give time for other aspects of the game.

Just an oppinion.


Nothing on test servers this week. I have a feeling the farming update is getting very close to going in testing. what do you guys think?


Next week is my bet! Then hopefully release in week after, week of my birthday! :smile:


Though, the last ‘roadmap’ picture we got said the Hunter creature would come before the Farming update. Do you think the devs changed their plans?


Yeah I think they did! Last few updates weren’t that big and the Warp Wraith wouldn’t be a massive update either.

There is probably also a very good reason why we haven’t seen any Umbris planets yet, gotta be linked to something tho, right?


24 minute / 1 or 2 days

(a month is a long time)


Need more info to really answer, but the topvoted ranges seem reasonable. Not sure why 24 minutes is a choice though? Kind of an odd number. I’d go with 15 minutes to a week.


24 minutes is the length of day to on Boundless planets.


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