HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


Thanks for the bit of positivity. That’s important every once in a while.

As for the rest maybe when you do have time we can have a “what’s in a noob loop” thread or something. Point by point I dig at the stream of issues, but it would be great to go at it from a positive/constructive direction of what could be done rather than just dissecting all the cons of what we have.


Really? You think so? This one finds that fascinating

You stated the following


„You ALWAYS felt more powerful when you logged off then when you logged on.“

This is simply not the case, It is not the case for end game, mid game, or early game, and I don’t even need to bring up factual proof for this since you stated „ALWAYS“ which means 100% of the time, and we both know that it is not true for that to be the case 100% of the time. It is dangerous to try claim something happens 100% of the time with out risking undermining your own argument.

Also you stated the phrase „felt more powerful“ This is subjective and therefore can be hard to quantify as a rebuttal/objection. as what this means from player to player can vary by quite a bit, from someone feeling like they can take on the world, to someone actually feeling weaker despite having new gear.

You claim something happens 100% of the time, AND that thing you claim happens 100% of the time is also very subjective, that alone negates your claim in my book.

Now on to something more factual.

Even at low level, there are also spikes in the content that you do, For example the moment you have to learn how to fight 3 mobs at an time, up from 1 or 2, that can be quite a challenge at 1st, or at least speaking from a Melee standpoint it is. So despite you getting this new gear, you can feel overpowered by the mobs and therefore have the feeling of being weaker then you were, There are also quite a few quests that near the end haves a mini-boss mob that can leave you having the same feeling. And if someone happen to log off before overcoming one of those situations, then that player logged out of the game feeling weaker then they were before they logged in.

There are other examples but I think this is enough to make my point.


I really don’t care how long farming takes for each item, I am still going to actively engage in those systems. If yams take 5 minutes of my time and getting the tint colors I want takes weeks I am good with that.

And @Biv you want grind? Try completing one set off heads and skins for your character in Borderlands 2 or regrind every few levels for the gear you need for your skills build.



I’m hoping that farming comes with a press push, maybe around E3 or on the PC stage (since Sony wont be there). I don’t think many people even realizes this game exists.


I think maybe we are talking in degrees.

Did you become a superman everyday? No. But when you turned lvl 20, all the gear that dropped was lvl 20 and you would reach lvl 21 before you were able to upgrade everything.

I rarely went on a level appropriate mission where I felt more than challenged.

I had finished just about everything I could solo at the time without ever thinking I was just grinding for grinding sake. Grinding was always part of an activity I was doing anyway, like a mission or an anchor.

Listen, I’m not specifically saying Boundless needs ANY of these specific things. But there is obviously an issue when we are hard pressed to hit a few hundred concurrents. That means the game is A. Not attracting new players and B. lacking content to keep current ones. Personally, I think that A is the bigger issue. Running out of content will always happen.


I am not sure what this means, other then you were the one making the claim of „ALWAYS“ and set the degree of the statement.

Not everyone has/had this same experience.

ESO is unique in the sense that it makes what is typically felt as grinding in other MMOs, something quite enjoyable due to its deep story line, lore, and the fact that all quest dialog has voice acting, and basic NPC emotions shown. then there other stuff I don’t have time to get into at this time with out getting even more off topic to entertain your claims and statements . So no, I do not expect too many people to get the feel of it is grinding, especially since a modest amount of players who would play ESO, do so because they are elder scrolls fans, and those games are about the story, not the grind. in ESO the game is just as much about the journey as it is about the end game for alot of players, and this is something I feel alot of games fail to do.

Boundless haves next to no story line, other then a text block of very short text that is presented to a new character at the very start. and will never be able to get the depth of lore that ESO haves or any of the elder scrolls games.


So, farming…


stardew time is really hard compare with a day only lasting 12 min and facters like rain speeding things up i if its a rainy month i i play it in under 30 min (wake up check things then go to bed) while another month can take a hour or 2


100%. No one that I’ve told about the game has ever heard of it. :frowning:


And then you have to try to describe it.

“You see, it’s kinda like Minecraft, but better, and kinda an MMO. And there are all these worlds and you can travel between them and everything is made by other players.”

blank stare



I don’t even tell people about this game. When we get dungeons… I will. lol


Give you a rate to compare,
now day new players grind gem rate are around 50 -200 / hour.

End game players is 2000+ / hour .

The difference is way too much. I didn’t ask them to completely remove the forge system lol
just make the “balance” work. 2000+ and 50, its way too “balance”.


I didn’t ask them to copy mincraft, i just ask them to use this as the standard to make decision.
Most MMORPG has dungeon, and you won’t call any one them copy the others. Same as Guild system, you won’t say WOW has Guild system, FFXIV shouldn’t get guild system setup.

Its the thing that most people like it, then we should use that as standard to create our system.

Also, of course during my working time in real life, crop will remain growth, but when i have free time I still need to wait lol.
People buy the game for fun not for waiting days to watch the UI and Timer drop off.

Its basically the same feeling as opening an online clock and watch it all day.
How fun is it huh ?


My mistake.

However the problem is, Minecraft was not built with an MMO system in mind, and the farming system in minecraft I do not think will be nearly as complex or valuable as the farming system that might result in boundless. Therefore it can be unwise to use it as a standard. and better to just use it as a light consideration.

You don’t have other things you can do?

Other then realistically, you are not watching it all day. You would be finding other things to fill in the time with, Maybe with even more farming if you wanted to create many large plantations.


Yeah I totally agree with you, I can always find other things to do like build / hunt / mine / …etc even play other game or watch some movie, but those are not the new content people have been wait for such long time. They finally release the new content for player to involve, but most of time players have to wait and play the old content.
I don’t feel thats really a smart move at all.


I don’t think it will be that bad, but it is very hard to say and give good opinions about how stuff should be done when there is very little information at this time.


I can see why there’s a “jump”.

New players are using their first hammers, some maybe not even forged. They are also not going to have all of the skills needed for a “miner”. They also probably don’t use very many brews/mega brews just yet.

An “endgame” player can get so many, because they know where to find the gems and how. They have the best equipment they can make or buy. They have the brews they need, along with a “miner” skill page/character.

There seems to be a difference, because a new player and an “endgame” player are very different players in different points of the game.

I don’t expect a new player to right away blow through shedu with the best forged hammers available, a “miner” page/char, and brews.

They don’t need to “balance”. There is nothing wrong. “Endgame” players can get more things more efficiently with quantity. And new players are…new so it will take them some time to get what they need.


reading over alot of the posts i see a lot of “set the time high then tweak it” normally i would agree but in this case i think the devs need to set the right time on the first go this thread is at 270+ posts cuz so many people are starving for things to do and for the update to release then to build your farm and see the thing you planted is going to take 5+ days to grow i think a lot of people at that point would just uninstall the game keeping in mind that any tweaks to the timer would take attest a week to happen with no guarantee that it would be better.


I’d argue it’s less about starving for things to do and more starving for information, but information isn’t easy to give because things change and then people are upset when it’s not delivered like they thought it was going to be

E: basically I think the majority of us are going to be happy regardless, some of us are just more cautious in different respects.


People want information so they can plan and prepare for it. That’s why there’s so many posts cause they want more info and growing times are irrelevant on their own without that extra information.

Also, people aren’t going to immediately uninstall if there’s a growing time of 5 days for a higher tier item. That isn’t how it’s going to go down.


Most of us on here have far more than 60ish hours in game since release. I’d be surprised if anyone actively playing the game would uninstall because a few high end crops take a few days to be ready to harvest. And new players won’t be worried about those things, they will be busy with the lower end crops.