HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


That’s the problem, you’re talking about two entirely different gaming populations.

Instant gratification seekers vs those who enjoy ‘work’ towards progress. I dont play any of those instant gratification games because I do not enjoy them for that very reason.


Nonsense. Use one of my examples.

The Division.

Every time you play The Division there is instant gratification. There is always better gear, you always feel like you are getting more powerful.

Or I used to play ESO. That was the same thing. You ALWAYS felt more powerful when you logged off then when you logged on. And it didn’t matter if you played for five minutes or five hours.

That’s why you always come back to long-term games. Instant gratification coupled with long term reward.

So either embrace the Minecraft concept or embrace the MMO concept. But trying to straddle the two is giving us the worst of both.


Well, take a game like Overwatch. The instant-gratification is only cosmetic, and it works fine.

I’m not looking forward to Boundless having gear with affixes like World of Warcraft and other MMOs. The game is already waaaay too dense with all the forge affixes on chisels, weapons, bombs and stuff.
The main thing that makes Boundless stand out compared to other MMOs would be the building aspect, and that’s fine with me.

HOWEVER, I’m totally looking forward to Boundless having cosmetic armor/clothing, to be able to dress-up my hunter like a fighter, and my builder like a noble civilian. :3


But is not Boundless the same for builders? I only bought it for release because I also used Minecraft! Every time I go offline I had a few lvl ups and more cubits or I finished a new building! :slight_smile: i got more than before!


But…we don’t have in game cosmetics.

I probably sound like I’m down on this game that I love, but with each update I keep hoping they will finally add a gameplay loop and it just never happens.

Again, if building is the thing…why would they play this over Minecraft? Everything in Minecraft takes ten times less time.

If being an MMO is the thing, what are the short term fixes that keep you coming back for more?


Sorry I really disagree with this, As a former hardcore ESO player, that is absolutely not always the case, even more so once you start trying to min max your gear at high CP level and end game content.

There are also some things in ESO that take a very very long time, remember this?


We don’t have cosmetics in terms of clothing. We do have tattoo type stuff and head pieces like a mask or some crystal looking thing. It just needs to be expanded on but if you’re thinking of stuff we can equip like WoW gear then yeah, we don’t have that sort of stuff.

I would like to think that with the tinter that’s coming with farming and say that it could be the ground work being put in place to allow crafted clothing. Who really knows since we have no clue what’s coming down the pipeline.


We do have the head cosmetics. They add a new one every so often. Wasn’t there a rose in the mouth for St Valentine and a beard for Xmas?

I expect actual clothing to be a work in progress, and if the latest update is any indication, something tells me we’ll be able to mix various pieces of clothing to make our own styles, just like we can now mix up to 3 head pieces together. I regret not farming for the beard last Xmas. Had I known they were thinking about doing this, I would’ve taken the beard. Now I’m gonna regret not getting it until next Xmas. Great!

This is all bringing me to the main problem I have with Boundless. The big one.
There is no proper roadmap.

Take a game like World of Warcraft. The devs told us they were going to make a number of changes MONTHS AGO. No dates. But we know things are being worked on. I know we’ll get new HD models for some races. I know I’ll get to hide all my gear except for the pants. I’ve had a LOT of details on the next major patch for maybe a month, and it isn’t coming for a few weeks at least.

In Boundless, I have NO FREAKING IDEA what’s coming aside from the Hunter creature and the farming update. I’m doing my best to prepare for farming, making plans for a zone in my build where I’ll grow crops. But it’s impossible to factor in all the rules we don’t know yet.
I already said it and I’ll say it again :

The farming update might be in testing next week for all I know.
I don’t know any of the rules for farming yet. Will I be able to make an hydroponic farm? Will it require a source of water under the soil like in Creativerse? Will the proximity to water be enough?
How will water behave? Will there be limitations as to how we can place it? Will there be machines to pump water upward?
That’s only a few of the questions I’m asking myself about this.


I 100% agree with the 24min and 4 days. I missed the poll so I didn’t get to vote


By in-game, I mean drops or craftable. MTs don’t count.


You are making my point for me.

In ESO, the power ramp for, if I remember correctly, the first 30 levels is very steep. You are well past 20 hours before the constant drip feed of new gear stops. By that time, you are hooked and the longer term goals are far more palatable. Even then you get better gear every time you play (as long as you are leveling up) and going to new regions to get different sets still gives that same feeling, even if you never use them.

Right now all of Boundless plays like it’s endgame. Everything take forever, whether it’s hour 1 or hour 100.


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I wouldn’t see the point of having cosmetic items as drops or as craft if you ‘learn’ them once you get them.
Buying them to learn these appearances with cubits (which can be acquired through normal gameplay) is mightly fine with me.

It would make sense if we were talking about gear with affixes that gets damaged and needs to be changed like the tools and weapons.

IMHO, the food, brews, weapons, bombs and tools are largely enough in terms of things we need to craft/buy/find to go on PvE content. I don’t wanna have to start buying armors too.

From what you wrote, you seem to consider Boundless as a game where the main activity is either the MMO part OR the building part, but not both at the same time.

My takeaway is that Boundless doesn’t need to be more like the other MMOs in regards to gear and loot.
And it doesn’t need to be like Minecraft either.

Boundless doesn’t have quests. I’m fine with that.
World of Warcraft doesn’t have the building part like Boundless. I’m fine with that too. All MMOs don’t need to have the same features.


I don’t think it needs to specifically any of these things. I’m just using them as examples.

But it needs SOMETHING for the noob gerbils to keep going back to the feeder. It needs a shorter reward loop.

I’m already one of the converted, I’m not the issue. The issue is creating more mass appeal and keeping players once they get here.

Our cities should be teeming with players, jumping from shop to shop, looking for what they need.

These days, I’m lucky to see a couple people an hour.

I may not be explaining myself well.


I don’t know if the actual issue for the lack of players would lie only with a lack of rewards.

The XP we get, the levels, the cubits, the skill points, the actual progress in our builds (goals we set for ourselves), I think that is reward enough. That’s why I still get online from time to time.

But I can tell you that 8 out of my 9 friends with whom I started playing left because the game wasn’t shipped with enough content. A lot of things in the trailer are no longer here (like the clothes). Not enough blocks to play with. Not enough furniture.
And it’s way too high-maintenance for someone who has a demanding job IRL. The perpetual grind to maintain your build gets less and less pleasant. Between the fuel for beacons and the need to go on raid-hunts to gather oortshards to power our portals to stay connected with other people’s cities, which in turns makes you able to gather enough footfall to buy things, and the risk that everything might despawn to world-regen if you stop playing for too long… One of the 9 friends missed the deadline for beacon refueling and lost EVERYTHING he had.

I found that it was nearly impossible for me to sell this ~40$ game to friends when you tell them “but you gotta put fuel in your beacon to prevent your stuff from despawning”, especially when other building games like Creativerse are there and give you your own private world to build at your heart’s content without any limit, and with faaaar more block variety, for free.


Yeah, block variety and grind is still a major issue.

But I got this thread off track. This was about farming, which is where this all came from. How fast should noobs be getting the good stuff in their grubby little fingers.


I’ll always be for these things to take as little time as possible, since it’s just waiting and not actively playing.

But the thread itself seems somewhat meaningless to me.
We have pretty much 0 information on the farming update. When will it be in testing? How far along is it?
What are the basic rules of this system? And all the other questions I already asked above.

Asking our opinion at this time without giving us a round-up of ALL the things we should know about the farming update sounds ridiculous to me.


I honestly would say this is bad example and disagree that you always feel more powerful even after a short time playing when logging off.

The division 2 has some of the most intense grinding and horrid rng imaginable.

Not even going into the min maxing of builds you have the exotics that drop in pieces and one specific one is at the mercy of stronghold rotation that is completely random and once weekly. 4 parts and a blueprint could take a month or better to get that weapon.

While you may get some gear every time you play it isn’t always a boost and sometimes very frustrating.

Just my opinion though on this example.


Help me out here… MMO is a descriptive prefix. I mean, we are, by definition, the MMO crowd.

Did you mean MMO FPS, MMO RTS, MMO RPG, MMO Survival … ? I can’t even attempt to list them all. MMO Building games are a thing now too.

I think we’re approaching the point where lines have blurred enough that MMO Sandbox is probably a genre unto itself. This is pretty much were we are. Games that give you a platform, an environment, some tools or activities, and then don’t tell you what to do. They encourage you to find your own loop.

Again, what? Definition of ‘hardcore’ in this context, please? Have you visited the current “hours in game” thread? I thought all along your complaint was that the game was “too hardcore”.

Are you really trying to say that the majority of ‘casual’ gamers are too impatient to deal with something like farmville?

Again with the MMO thing. I never played any of those games but I gather here you are referring to some MMO FPS games with fully linear gameplay. That aside, this actually sounds a lot like Boundless to me.

I select a mission, and go to it. When I’ve completed my mission I return to my base and sort the output that I’ve gathered. Some of it I craft into items or sell as raw materials. Others I keep for use in making myself more capable, or more prestigious.

I’m with you here. I’m hooked.

How ‘Cool’ the in-game cosmetics are, may be a matter of opinion. There’s plenty of ‘valuable’ stuff to harvest.

Again i don’t even know if this game is MMO, or what genre of game it is. Sorry for that. It sounds very linear though. Does it make any claim to being a sandbox, or even the halfway sort of “open world” where you can go off the script but there’s a start and an end and a generally linear progression between the two?

I know it has an end or a win condition because if not you’re describing a gear creep nightmare.

No YOU. I wonder if you’ve ever been interested in what I consider a “long term game”. Go take a whack at Entropia Universe I just walked away for the third time in 8 years. Over 6 years of “continuous” gameplay in 8 years. I’m not even interested in a game that offers 40 - 80 hours to completion.

Minecraft was a kid’s toy before it became MMO. Now it is MMO and this is another self contradicting sentence. I can’t address this, I can only point it out.

I do struggle with this, each time. I’ve asked before but don’t recall you ever listing for me one single thing that you like here. There are multiple gameplay loops available to you but you have a long list of reasons why each is unsuitable for a nebulous but large class of people.

Just stop that. “Being an MMO” is the thing. Every game you talk about is an MMO. Neither you nor I would be here if it wasn’t. I don’t have a PS4 or purchase single player / offline games. Lots of people here do. If being an MMO wasn’t the thing and I just wanted to “build virtual stuff” for nobody to look at I’d be in blender or maya. Same for “shoot virtual monsters” or “chop virtual trees”. There are tools for that, if you want to do those things for your own personal experience.

We’re ALL here for a shared experience. THAT’s what being an MMO is. That’s all it is. But you reject that. No coop. No shared efforts, no shared rewards. Zero social obligation.

It seems to me that you are endlessly teetering on the conversion point.

Honestly I consider it a filter. YMMV. Maybe they need a candy crush console mini game that you can put in your build for people that are too embarrassed to run it on their real phone…

Or farmville, right? On topic? I’m super curious what you envision about farming that makes it so different from any of the other available hunting/mining/harvesting/crafting/building loops that are in the game.

It’s going to be the only one where you don’t see the results immediately after taking action. There’s clear intent to interweave it with the other loops already in game, as they are interwoven now.

I’m failing to see how it isn’t exactly the opposite of what you’re asking for.


That’s a lot of stuff. I’m going to nit pick what I answer, due to time constraints. I’ll try to come back for more later

What do I like?

I like the building, I like the open world. I like that every structure in the game is created by another player and the massive cities of player created content.

I like the art style and the machine system. I even like the beacon system that so many seem to dislike.

I like the player shops. I like the footfall system (though they need to let the coin flow). I love the portals, though requiring meteor hunts/combat being the only way to get oort outside of buying it stinks.

I really dig the community.

What do I not like?

The lack of block variety.

I’m not a fan of grind for grind sake…which Boundless has a LOT of, long crafting times, the gap between early and endgame. The combat, IMO, is terrible.

I dislike RNG for anything but drops. I don’t like cubits being used for anything but plots and alts/pages.

I hate hazard protection, which feels like a waste of points, and the lack of armor.

I’m not a fan of the lack of non-MT cosmetics or random tool or mat drops.

And I hate that the barrier to entry/lack of a noob game turns off players before they even start.